Aeroplan Goal Setter Campaign 2016
Source: Aeroplan.

Earn 150 Bonus Miles in Seconds With the Aeroplan Goal Setter Campaign 2016

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T hrough Friday, December 16, 2016, you can earn 150 bonus miles in seconds with the Aeroplan Goal Setter Campaign 2016 where you can inform the people who administer the frequent flier loyalty program for Air Canada what you want to do with your miles.

Simply go to the official Internet web site of Aeroplan, where you will see a set of orange numbers from 1 to 6 on the bottom left of what is known either as a slider or rotating banner, as seen in the screen shot at the top of this article. Click on 4 to access the banner which announces the offer; then click on the banner itself to start the short process of fulfilling the offer…

…or you can try starting from here instead — but I am not absolutely certain that you will earn the 150 bonus Aeroplan miles, as I have not tried it myself.

What Is the Goal Setter Campaign?

A Goal Setter campaign was launched from Aeroplan back in March of 2015 in order to encourage members of the frequent flier loyalty program to share how they want to use their miles. Collecting the goals of members will theoretically help the administrators of Aeroplan better understand what members want to do with their miles and therefore use that information to better tailor their experiences in the program by personalizing the communications and offers they receive from Aeroplan to help them reach their goals faster.

You need to provide your Aeroplan membership number, last name and e-mail address in order to be able to log in to the Goal Setter campaign microsite. The process of setting your goals is quick and should take less than one minute to complete.

You can share up to a maximum of three goals: two goals related to travel; and one goal related to merchandise — but you must share at least one goal before being able to save what you have shared. You will be able to log back in at any time to see your last saved goals and update them as often as you like through the microsite. If you are not sure of what are your three goals, you may choose to only set one goal. You will need to select “I don’t know yet” for the remaining goals in order to proceed with the process. If you have saved at least two goals, you will then be able to rank your goals by order of importance. Once you have finished this step, the goal sharing process is complete.

You can contact the Aeroplan Web Support team at 1-866 689-8080 in Canada and the United States for any technical or log-in issues related to the microsite.

Aeroplan Goal Setter Campaign 2016
Click on the image for an enlarged view. Source: Aeroplan.

Goals Related to Travel

You are asked to share the following information pertaining to goals related to travel:

  • Destination — where you would like to go
  • When — in what year and time frame you would like to travel
  • With whom — with whom you would like to travel
  • Reason for travel — what you would like to do when you have arrived

Goals Related to Merchandise

You are asked to share the following information pertaining to goals related to merchandise:

  • Product — for what type of product you would like to redeem
  • When — in what year you would like to redeem this product
  • For whom — who will be the lucky recipient of this product
  • Occasion — for what occasion


This promotion does not appear to be targeted to anyone specifically — but all you have to lose is a minute or two of your time and minimal effort if for some reason you do not receive the 150 bonus Aeroplan miles.

Source: Aeroplan.

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