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Travel Alert September 2 2022: Lufthansa Pilot Strike

This strike was suddenly announced.

The operations of Lufthansa Group are expected to be substantially disrupted by a strike of its pilots starting tomorrow, Friday, September 2, 2022 for the day, which has already led to the cancellation of at least 800 flights — with possible delays of additional flights — and thus directly affecting as many as 130,000 passengers.

Travel Alert September 2 2022: Lufthansa Pilot Strike

This notice is currently displayed at the official Internet web site of Lufthansa at the time this article was written:

The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit has called on Lufthansa cockpit staff to go on strike for one day. For this reason, there will be a major restriction in the Lufthansa flight programme on Friday, 2 September. In the course of today, Thursday, Lufthansa will adjust the flight schedule and publish the cancellations. All guests with contact details in the booking will be informed via text message or mail.

Due to the large number of cancellations, it can sometimes take longer until Lufthansa can offer you an adequate rebooking solution. If you have not received any notification from Lufthansa within 18 hours of the cancellation message, please check the current status of your booking yourself online at You can also adjust your rebooking there if necessary. There you will also have the opportunity to adjust your rebooking if necessary. Please also constantly check the status of your flight on

Flights operated by Eurowings or Eurowings Discover are not affected by the strike.

According to this message which was posted at the official Twitter account of Vereinigung Cockpit — which is German for Cockpit Union — the union is “Aware of our responsibility for companies and guests, we wanted leave no stone unturned and, despite the inadequate offer and clever further negotiations. We have did not receive a sufficient offer yesterday either.”

“This is sobering and a missed opportunity.”

Additional information and updates may be found at the official Internet web site of Vereinigung Cockpit.

Final Boarding Call

If your travel plans on Friday, September 2, 2022 have been — or will be — affected by the impending strike, you should have received alternate plans from Lufthansa. If you did not receive alternate plans from Lufthansa, the airline offers this information:

After a rebooking, Lufthansa can only actively notify you if you have provided your contact details. If you have not received an alternative flight, please enquire via the self-service booking page My Bookings. Please only contact a Call Centre if you cannot find an alternative there either. Please also avoid travelling to the airport. Due to the strike, only a few or no service counters are open there. It is therefore highly unlikely that you will be offered an immediate alternative there either. If a domestic Lufthansa flight is cancelled, you can exchange your ticket into a Deutsche Bahn ticket free of charge. The exception here is travel if you also have a cancelled international connecting flight in Frankfurt or Munich. Please remember to make a reservation, which you can do via the Deutsche Bahn site.

Hopefully, your travel plans will be affected as minimally as possible…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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