What to Do When Breakfast Hours at Hotels Do Not Fit Your Travel Schedule

“It seems a bit of a cruel joke when on holiday. You finally get away from the office with your loved one, enjoy a romantic evening, and then sleep in for the first time in months. Ensconced in a pile of cozy pillows you imagine starting your day together with pancakes and leisurely cups of coffee. You snake your arm out from underneath the duvet and inch the clock toward you. 10:23am. You groan, remembering that the hotel said breakfast ended at 10am.”

This is the opinion of Melinda Danielsen of Magic of Miles in this article she wrote pertaining to why breakfast hours at many hotel properties are not extended until 11:00 in the morning or later. “Oftentimes a lazy breakfast is just what you want when staying at a hotel for vacation, but the hotel doesn’t always agree on the time you’d like to keep it open until because hotels often cater to business travelers as well. At some properties where a buffet is available, it is not uncommon to see staff stop refilling the bowls and clearing items away more than half an hour before it closes.”

One question which immediate came to mind is…