a road with signs on it
Photograph ©2023 by Brian Cohen.

Answers to Past Articles — Part 39: Cleaning Closed Ash Narrows Edingburgh

Since when did Munich relocate from Europe to North America?

In past articles in which your participation was not only requested but also helpful and humorous, I did not give the answers to questions which I have posed to you; so this article contains the answers to past articles — Part 39 — along with links to the aforementioned articles…

Answers to Past Articles — Part 39: Cleaning Closed Ash Narrows Edingburgh

…and the links are embedded in the titles of each section as well as within the sections themselves; so please click on the links in each section to take you to the original article.

The Favorite Answer will usually be the correct answer by a reader of The Gate With Brian Cohen — along with a Favorite Comment from the same article which I found to be funny or informative.

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 191

a screenshot of a computer
Source: United Airlines.

While I was looking at the official Internet web site of United Airlines to see what travel waivers were issued, I did not realize that Munich had somehow relocated from Europe to North America.

United Airlines was apparently not aware of Delaware. What a pain in the ash that must have been.

Favorite answer and comment by gary rind: “DE (Delaware) is in North America but not DE (Deutschland)”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 192

a sign with text on it
Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

For a facility to be closed is one thing — but for a facility to be exceptionally closed is an entirely new level of closed.

That was not the only thing that was wrong, however…

Favorite answer by rmah: “there is no such thing as 12am or 12pm, there is only 12 noon and 12 midnight. so according to the “12:00” on the sign, the museum never opens and can therefore not close. quite simply, the sign is les miserables!”

Favorite comment by John: “LOL, the 12-hour clock is hardly used around the world except for the US and a few other, mostly English-speaking countries. At least 90% of the world’s population uses the 24-hour clock and the times are written correctly in that notation.

“The fact that the times were corrected by hand does not really surprise me. An exception can occur more than once, so it’s not unlogical they’ve fixed something on a sign which they re-use.

“I do agree with a previous poster that the English translation is kinda bad (the German one is, too). But you see poor translations in such signs for tourists every day–I don’t find that remarkable at all.

“I also don’t find anything wrong with the tourist office referring to the museum when it is closed. Probably both the tourist office as well as the museum are government-owned.”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 193

a blue advertisement with people cleaning a car
Source: City Car Rental.

To ensure that you have a safe journey, you can be rest assured that the celaning measures of City Car Rental are in full force — as well as its healt measures. Such attention to even small details is paramount in the safety of its customers; and that the rental car company truly cares about you.

Favorite answer by derek: “Their speeling is a little bad with at least two speeling errors. The cartoon looks like they care more about the car.

“Cleaning and health.”

Favorite comment by Jim F.: “Obviously, City Car Rental’s ad agency doesn’t use spell-check. And I have a few questions: (1) what “measures…ensure…a safe journey”? Celaning the windshield? (2) if City Car Rental cleans each vehicle after a rental, do they clean it AGAIN before the next rental. And, if so, why? (3) Do labor laws where City Car Rental operates even permit “continuous cleaning”? Aren’t breaks of some sort mandated?”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 194

a road with signs on it
Photograph ©2023 by Brian Cohen.

While I was taking a nice long walk on a trail not far from where I am based, I noticed a sign warning that the path narrows — except that the path actually widens after the warning sign.

Other things were wrong with this photograph as well.

Favorite answer by Herbie46: “Broken lines permit passing on a turn in the road.”

Favorite comment by sharon: “bike path says entrance to rt 95”

What is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 195

a screenshot of a car rental application
Source: Europcar.

Why rent with Europcar in Carlisle? Well, for one thing, one can take a train from London to edingburgh. Another reason is to take the stagecoach.

Yee-haw, varmint.

Favorite answer by jsm: “Perhaps it should have been Londong to Glascow?”

Favorite comment by Mark Dumic: “The opening hours menu is highlighted at the top but the Services menu is being shown. No opening hours are visible”

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