British Airways Airbus A320-232
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

British Airways Pilots Vote to Strike Summer 2019

The British Airline Pilots’ Association — which is also known as BALPA — revealed via this official announcement the results of a ballot on which the vote ended earlier today: 93 percent of the turnout of 90 percent of pilots who voted are in favor of industrial action.

British Airways Pilots Vote to Strike Summer 2019

“We do not wish to inconvenience our customers which is why we have tried to resolve this matter through negotiation starting last November – it is BA who has regrettably chosen to drag this out into the summer months”, according to this official announcement which was released by the union which represents the pilots of British Airways. “BA’s attempt to injunct this industrial action in the High Court tomorrow [Tuesday 23rd July] means that any further negotiations are on hold while we prepare to defend our right to take this action.”

Management at British Airways reportedly offered the pilots a pay increase of 11.5 percent over three years.

Although the industrial action is thought to possibly begin in the middle of August, no specific dates have been chosen as of yet as to exactly when the potential industrial action will occur. “We remain hopeful that this dispute can be resolved before strike action, but we remain committed to action if necessary.”


This potential industrial action — as well as at least five other strikes which may affect travel to, from or within the United Kingdom, most of which are centered around pay disputes — is not exactly the way British Airways intends to celebrate 100 years in business as of Sunday, August 25, 2019…

…but the airline may have little choice in the matter.

Even worse is that the aforementioned six potential strikes may overlap each other and cause havoc and chaos amongst travelers in the United Kingdom — especially if they all occur as scheduled.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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