Delta Air Lines bankruptcy emergence Ship 638 Boeing 757
Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

Delta Air Lines Bankruptcy Emergence, Part 1: The Evening Before…

N ine years ago tomorrow, Delta Air Lines formally emerged from bankruptcy protection. I was there when it all happened; and to celebrate that moment, I thought I would post a series of articles verbatim which I first wrote nine years ago today.

I was formally asked by representatives of Delta Air Lines to join a group of international reporters on a tour on the morning of the festivities; and to write an official weblog called Inside Look at Delta as hosted on the Typepad platform — as well as take photographs — of the events. I received absolutely no compensation for obliging with their request — other than enjoy the day, of course.

That official weblog no longer exists; but I have the text and photographs to remember what happened nine years ago today — and the first of a series of articles is posted below, with extremely minimal editing for purposes of clarity; to maximize search engine optimization throughout the Internet; and the possible inclusion of bonus photographs which were not included in the original articles.

Let us start with the very first of a series of articles, posted on Sunday evening, April 29, 2007 — although my style of writing was somewhat different back then…

The Evening Before…

…and as I arrived home from the airport in Atlanta just in time for the local news, I saw the story pertaining to the official emergence from 19 months of bankruptcy of Delta Air Lines.

I smiled, knowing that I was going to be there to witness the events and report them as they unfold.

Because the details seem to keep changing, I will not post ahead of time what is scheduled to occur and when. Besides, I would rather keep those details a surprise anyway to make this weblog more interesting. I will say, however, that the events of Monday, April 30 will be reported all day from the headquarters of Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, and the events of Tuesday, May 1 will be reported by me from Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Being a Medallion member for approximately 12 straight years, I am excited and flattered to have been asked to be a part of this event. I will do my best to report everything as accurately as possible. I have also been encouraged to bring my camera, take plenty of pictures and post them here. I will be provided with a computer with Internet access to provide practically real-time reports on what is an important event in the rich history of Delta Air Lines.

I am scheduled to arrive at 7:30 tomorrow morning for breakfast. I will know even more about what is planned, and I look forward to providing you with the details of the events as they unfold.

Ship 638 is towed out of the hangar at the international airport which serves the greater Atlanta metropolitan area prior to its first flight shortly after the new livery of Delta Air Lines is officially unveiled. Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

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