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Source: Alaska Airlines.

Even I Received 10,000 Mileage Plan Miles From Alaska Airlines

W henever I read what seems to be dozens of headlines at BoardingArea and elsewhere to check my account for some gift of frequent travel loyalty program miles or points, I immediately get skeptical — but I grudgingly check my account anyway to confirm my skepticism.

Not this time.

Even I Received 10,000 Mileage Plan Miles From Alaska Airlines

As I am usually one of the last people to receive e-mail messages from most frequent travel loyalty programs of which I am a member, I therefore am usually the last to find out even the simplest of news. No e-mail message had reached me from Alaska Airlines yet when I checked my Mileage Plan account.

Sure enough — to my surprise — there they were: 10,000 Mileage Plan miles added to my account without my having to do anything.

The e-mail message finally arrived yesterday morning — long after article after article was posted extolling the joys of being awarded 10,000 miles. How many times does that happen lately?!?

You’ve got 10,000 more miles.


Your memberships with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ and Virgin America Elevate are paying off.

To celebrate your two favorite airlines coming together, we’ve awarded you 10,000 Mileage Plan bonus miles.Redeem your miles on Alaska, Virgin America, or our global partner airlines to over 900 destinations worldwide. And, get 30 percent more miles when you convert your Elevate points to Mileage Plan miles.



Ryan Butz – Managing Director of Loyalty Marketing

Wow — 10,000 miles and a bonus of 30 percent when I convert my Virgin America Elevate miles to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles?!? Are we earning miles like it’s 1999?!?

I, of course, went through the conversion process — and I am now a changed man. Hallelujah!!!

Oops…sorry…I got a little carried away there…


Now, you know that if I actually received a bonus of 10,000 Mileage Plan miles, then you most likely have received them as well. Take a moment or two to check your Mileage Plan frequent flier loyalty program account — and I hope they are there awaiting you.

Of course, if you do not have a Mileage Plan account, then do not bother. You are most likely one of the exceptions.

In all seriousness, thank you, Ryan Butz and the team at Alaska Airlines, for stepping outside of the ever-shrinking box pertaining to members of your frequent flier loyalty program. This was a nice surprise.

I intend to detail the steps of how to convert Virgin America Elevate miles to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles in a future article.

Source: Alaska Airlines.

  1. If they can’t link your accounts automatically (mine didn’t decause my Alaska account has my middle name, but my Virgin account doesn’t), they’ll send you an email that assigns you a new Alaska MP Number and gives you the 10,000 bonus miles for activating. Since I already had an account, all I had to do was click a link in the fine print and sign in to link the 2 together.

    1. I already have an account and clicked the link int he fine print to link them but didn’t get the 10,000 miles.

  2. Is it too late to transfer points from Ultimate Rewards or Membership Rewards to Virgin, to then get the 30% premium when you transfer Virgin to Alaska? Thanks!

    1. I am uncertain as to the answer to that question, ES.

      As it is possible to transfer Virgin America Elevate points to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles multiple times, I would think that it is not too late — but that is a purely uneducated guess…

      …and the answer of course depends on how much time the process of transferring points from Ultimate Rewards or Membership Rewards to Virgin America Elevate takes.

      I can try to find out the answer for you, if you like…

      1. Not to worry. The upside of a transfer is one gets the 1.3 premium. The downside is the miles sit in one program (AS) rather than a program that allows multiple transfer partners as well as bookings through their travel site (MR, UR). Last time I considered this I came down on the side of versatility rather than premium. I tend to use Avios for most AS flights and haven’t as yet used AS points on AS partners.

        Perhaps others who use AS miles more regularly are curious too, but don’t pursue it just for me. But you are most kind to offer! Happy weekend from still snowed in Portland. (For any PDX travelers reading this now, the airport is open, but most of the side streets are still snow covered and very dicey. And today is the third straight day of no school!)

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