Girl saves woman drowning in pool
Source: WAGA-TV Fox 5 News in Atlanta.

Girl Saves Drowning Woman in Hotel Pool

E llie Austin is nine years of age and had learned how to swim only two years ago; but she is credited with saving the life of a woman who was drowning yesterday afternoon in a swimming pool at the Hampton Inn Bremen-I-20 hotel property — and the staff of that hotel property awarded her earlier today with flowers, a teddy bear, and a certificate which calls her a superhero.

Girl Saves Drowning Woman in Hotel Pool

Thinking at first that the incident was a joke, Austin then immediately swam under the woman — who was floating face down in the swimming pool — at approximately 2:00 in the afternoon on Sunday, May 21, 2017. “I saw her face. Her tongue was bleeding a little and her face was purple,” Austin said, according to this article written by Christy Hutchings for WYAY-FM Newsradio 106.7 for WAGA-TV Fox 5 News in Atlanta. “Then I flipped her over to let her breathe and she was groaning like moaning and then I dragged her.”

Once she got the woman to the stairs of the swimming pool, Austin then ran to get help. Jennifer Sapp — who is an employee of the hotel property — called 911 after she helped Austin remove the woman from the swimming pool. They believe that the unidentified woman had a seizure.

Austin and another woman were the only two people out at the pool at the time — and according to the aforementioned article, the staff of the hotel property claimed that “if Austin had not reacted the way she did the woman would likely not be alive.”


Members of the staff of the hotel property — which is located almost 47 miles due west of Atlanta near the state border between Georgia and Alabama — “said this is one little girl they will never forget.”

With all of the negative news being reported in the travel industry in general in recent months, I thought I would share a story which has a happy ending and hopefully brightened your day.

Superhero Ellie Austin at the swimming pool in Bremen, Georgia. Source: WAGA-TV Fox 5 News in Atlanta.

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