a building with a car parked in front of it
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Hampton Inn Brand To Be Refreshed In 2024 By Hilton

Images reveal the new look. Read about the details of the refresh of this brand.

In celebration of 40 years since its founding, the Hampton Inn brand is to be refreshed in 2024 by Hilton with design innovations and a fresh look while simultaneously redefining hospitality for the next chapter of the brand. Since Hilton acquired Hampton Inn as part of its purchase of Promus Hotel Corporation back in 1998 for $3.1 billion, Hilton has significantly improved the Hampton by Hilton brand during those past 26 years; but the brand has become worn and tired in recent years.

Hampton Inn Brand To Be Refreshed In 2024 By Hilton

a building with cars parked in front of it
Source: Hilton.

An official rendering of the new Hampton Inn oddly uses the current logotype instead of the new logotype — but comparing this hotel property to the one in the photograph at the top of this article, one obvious change is larger, wider windows in each room. Many Hampton by Hilton hotel properties have narrow windows, which usually results in dark rooms — even during the day. Another change is the color scheme on the exterior of the building, which is livelier than the dull and dreary beiges that many existing Hampton by Hilton structures currently use.

a blue and red logo
Source: Hilton.

Compared to the current logo on the left, the new logo uses a modernized custom logotype of the word Hampton; and the words by Hilton use the official logotype of Hilton and are positioned off to the right instead of centered. The shape of the logo is rounded; and the colors are subtly brighter. However, the elimination of the thin white outline between the blue and the red tends to muddy the logo somewhat. It should have been retained for more definition.

According to the latest fact sheet from Hilton, of the 7,530 properties it operates worldwide, Hampton by Hilton comprises 2,971 properties — or slightly greater than 39.45 percent — of the entire brand portfolio of Hilton in 38 countries on five continents, which is almost triple of the 1,010 Hilton Garden Inn properties, which is the second most properties.

a screenshot of a website
Click on the image to access the source. Source: Hilton.

The aforementioned numbers alone illustrate how important — and prevalent — Hampton by Hilton is in the brand portfolio of Hilton worldwide.

“The North American prototype, slated for its first hotel opening in early 2025, is poised to set new benchmarks in hospitality design and efficiency, embodying Hampton’s commitment to continuous evolution, growth, and service excellence”, according to this news release at the official Internet web site of Stories From Hilton. “As part of a broader initiative to ensure Hampton remains a hospitality industry leader for decades to come, the prototype refresh is designed for greater adaptability to various market conditions and site restrictions while creating an enhanced guest experience.”

The official video of the new brand refresh of Hampton by Hilton and Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton shows some of the changes and new features.

The prototype updates feature “thoughtful, modern design with timeless elements that not only provide improved guest functionality and comfort but also optimize cost to build, operate, and renovate for owners”, as informed by insights by guests, thousands of consumers across three continents, and property owners — as well as by trends in design.

a billboard with waffles on it
Source: Hilton.

According to the aforementioned news release, the cost-efficient and design-forward North American prototypes are available for both Hampton Inn and Hampton Inn & Suites. Key updates will:

  • Optimize Revenue-Generation Opportunities for Hampton Inn & Suites prototype by increasing total key count within the same footprint and optimizing the Suite room layout for better site efficiency.
  • Drive Cost-Savings by up to six percent on new packages of furniture, fixtures, and equipment compared to previous packages for both new builds and renovations.
  • Elevate the Iconic Exterior to include a simplified entrance canopy, subtle adjustments to the color scheme, and an added exterior patio for social gatherings.
  • Enhance the Guest Welcome by repositioning the front desk, adding a localized feature wall and flexible multi-use space, and relocating the retail shop to a more prominent location within the lobby area, which will drive increased revenue.
  • Balance Function and Comfort in guest rooms with the addition of a multi-functional task table, improved bathroom design, enlarged windows to increase natural light, and optimized in-room guest storage solutions.
  • Introduce Two Modern, Uplifting Décor Packages inspired by the beauty of the landscapes of the United States and the vibrancy of its cities.
a group of colorful tickets
Source: Hilton.

The 100% Hampton Guarantee still seems to exist, according to the aforementioned news release — although it is found nowhere on the official Internet web site of Hampton by Hilton at the time this article was written:

Hampton also remains dedicated to ensuring every guest experience exceeds expectations, rooted in its long-standing commitment to providing reliable and friendly service. With the backing of the 100% Hampton Guarantee, guests can trust that Hampton will always make it right, every time. This steadfast commitment to service, branded “Hamptonality,” is a key differentiator, driving guest loyalty and superior performance. Renowned for setting the standard in service excellence, Hampton’s consistent delivery of exceptional experiences has earned it a reputation as a beloved brand that guests return to again and again.

a door handle with a sign on it
Source: Hilton.

Although the first hotel opening of the North American prototype is slated to open in early 2025, the refreshed Hampton by Hilton visual global brand identity will roll out across all brand activities, marketing, and communications — and be integrated globally at the property level — throughout 2024 to ensure a cohesive and immersive brand experience for guests.

a room with a bed and a desk
Source: Hilton.

The new room appears to be more spacious. It will no longer have an armoire; but rather an open area to hang garments. The light fixtures will be more modern. A “task table” replaces the desk. “Increasing total key count within the same footprint” means that more rooms will be squeezed into a building of a similar square footage as that of existing Hampton by Hilton hotel properties. The Hampton Sleep Happy experience includes everything you need for a perfect night’s rest. No images are available as to what will be the design of the bathroom, which in the past has usually been rather small.

a room with a counter and a sign
Source: Hilton.

The brand also identified a set of signature experiences to drive brand distinctiveness and delight guests. By understanding the needs of guests at crucial moments during their stay and recognizing the unique strengths of Hampton by Hilton, two experiences were identified: in addition to the exceptional sleep experience, the Hampton Waffle will be elevated to show up in fresh and unexpected ways — such as with the introduction of seasonal waffle flavors and the integration of the iconic waffle into the new wardrobe program for members of the team as only two of many examples. Otherwise, the breakfast buffet area appears to have few noticeable changes.

a reception desk in a building
Source: Hilton.

The front desk will be repositioned in the lobby with an entirely new design — with no back office behind it into which an employee at the front desk can easily run and hide…

a store with shelves of food and drinks
Source: Hilton.

…and an expanded area of snacks, beverages, and sundries for sale will be located between the front desk and the entrance to the hotel property.

a room with couches and tables
Source: Hilton.

The lobby itself will include all new furnishings — as well as what seems to be a more open area where guests can enjoy breakfast in the mornings.

a gym with exercise equipment
Source: Hilton.

The image above shows the newly remodeled fitness center.

a newspaper with a picture of a bedroom and a bed
Source: Hilton.

Final Boarding Call

a group of colorful cups
Source: Hilton.

I am usually quite critical about branding and design, as I am formally educated and trained in that field; but in this case, I believe Hilton has hit at least a triple — almost a home run — with the refresh of the Hampton by Hilton brand. The choice of bold custom typography replaces the once cool and hip but now stodgy and tired typefaces that have been used for years; and the color scheme is more vibrant — yet the design is not too hip.

The refresh of the logo itself needs to grow on me. It is marginally better than the former logo; but I believe it should have differentiated from the older logo a bit more.

The new design of the actual hotel property reminds me of the latest ones by Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott and Holiday Inn by IHG Hotels & Resorts. Hampton by Hilton needed to catch up to them in recent years. Also, Hampton by Hilton hotel properties outside of the United States almost always seemed to feel newer and more vibrant than the ones that are located within the United States.

As for the experience itself, I was usually able to depend on the Hampton by Hilton brand for relative consistency for years; but the quality of the experiences has slipped during my recent stay at the Hampton Inn Columbia-I-26 Airport hotel property and my recent stay at the Hampton Inn Athens hotel property. The 100% Hampton Guarantee was disappointingly not invoked at either of those hotel properties — even after I informed members of the staffs of the issues I experienced.

I initially like the new refresh of the Hampton by Hilton brand overall. I am hoping that the experiences at Hampton by Hilton hotel properties improve once again — and that the room rates do not increase significantly as a result of the refresh of the brand…

Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

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