Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Point Redemption Values To Be “Adjusted” on August 9, 2022

August 9 is this coming Tuesday — two days from now.

An e-mail message which I received from Hertz earlier today had “Brian, discover a truck load 🚛 of possibilities” as its title, which was touting the availability of box trucks which can be rented by the hour, by the day, or for a longer period of time for moving across town or across the country…

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Point Redemption Values To Be “Adjusted” on August 9, 2022

…and the following message was bizarrely placed further into the e-mail message:

Members get on the road faster.

Starting August 9, 2022, we’re adjusting Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® point redemption values. Take a moment and explore exclusive member benefits like skipping the counter and going straight to your car. Get on the road faster while you earn points toward free rental days and upgrades.*

The message for the dreaded asterisk is “Available at select locations. Free day excludes taxes and fees. Terms apply.”

The last major devaluation of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program occurred in May of 2019 — without any advance warning or notice whatsoever.

For your convenience in calculating value for yourself, here is a complete list of the rewards for which you can redeem your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program points if the destination of your car rental is in the United States — along with a comparison of the former reward redemptions in this article which was published here at The Gate on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

Final Boarding Call

I do like renting vehicles from Hertz; but the rental car company does not exactly have a reputation of being forthcoming with changes to its Hertz Gold Plus Rewards frequent renter loyalty program. Assume that an “adjustment” has a similar meaning to the term “enhancement”, which has been used by the marketing companies of airlines to euphemistically announce what most people would interpret as bad news or a devaluation.

At the time this article was written, the details pertaining to this “adjustment” had not been revealed…

…and I was fortunate to open the aforementioned e-mail message, as it was a topic which otherwise did not interest me. To place what many people might consider to be an important message into a topic that has nothing to do with the e-mail message itself — and therefore technically announce the “adjustments” while potentially bypassing the customers who may very well be adversely affected by those “adjustments” — is sneaky and underhanded at best, in my opinion.

Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

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