This is one of the many orifices in the ceiling from which the gas emanated. Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

“Hitler…Didn’t Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons”? Yeah. Right.

“W e didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II. You know, you had a, you know, someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,” Sean Spicer — who is the press secretary for the White House — said. “So you have to if you’re Russia, ask yourself: Is this a country that you, and a regime, that you want to align yourself with? You have previously signed onto international agreements, rightfully acknowledging that the use of chemical weapons should be out of bounds by every country.”

“Hitler…Didn’t Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons”? Yeah. Right.

Multiple sources in the media — such as this article written by Jenna Johnson and Ashley Parker of The Washington Post as one of many examples — not only contain that quote; but also have video showing Spicer actually saying it.

I suppose that Zyklon B — which consisted of hydrogen cyanide, amongst other ingredients for use as a pesticide — was not used as a chemical weapon when it literally showered thousands of Jewish people in concentration camps such as Dachau…

Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.
Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

…although being cremated in an oven after being killed certainly does not count as a chemical weapon; so it cannot be that bad — right?


I have said many times that travel is the best form of education. Had Sean Spicer personally visited former concentration camps such as Dachau — I believe that he has not actually traveled to them to have said such a ridiculous statement; and to the press, no less — he would have thought better.

Spicer is working his way around the media to formally apologize for his gaffe…

…but if you are reading this article, Sean Spicer, then please read my trip report pertaining to my visit to Dachau in these two articles, split into part one and part two.

All photographs ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Yeah, keep em coming Brian. And the first person (semi-human let’s say or assume) to say keep politics out of this blog…. you’re a pathetic excuse for a despicable, loser, soulless Trump supporter.

    Just sayin.

      1. I am not sure about it Brian, but I think Andy didn’t mean you. Instead he meant the first commenter (after himself) saying you should keep politics out of your blog.
        Again, I am not sure, but that’s how I read it.

        1. You could be correct, Ralfinho.

          The Gate allows readers to directly respond to the comments of other readers; and not all weblogs at BoardingArea allow for that. Andy neither responded directly to a comment or to whom he was referring; and I could have certainly misinterpreted what he wrote.

          If what Ralfinho wrote is true, Andy, then please accept my apologies.

  2. Up until now, I’ve viewed Sean Spicer as a clown, who though he has given up whatever moral compass he might have had earlier in his life, is ultimately a sad figure, out of his depth and in an impossible position. Today, however, I am outraged. Even the concept within the first clarification of Hitler not using gas against his own citizens is beyond incredulity. The MILLIONS (including 70+ members of my extended family) gassed in the holocaust were primarily German citizens…even if many were forcibly so, after the Third Reich invaded their once sovereign countries. The infinitesimal distinction of the delivery system and the setting in which they were used doesn’t matter a damn, and the fact that Spicer’s world view would allow him to make that distinction, would allow him to forget that essential, disgusting truth of recent history — even in a presumably non-well thought out, impromptu moment — changes him, in my mind, from sad clown to inexcusable collaborator.

  3. First, how is this related to travel? These posts have no place at BA.

    Second, chemical weapons is a term used for use of chemicals in a combat, not for the use you describe. You are making nothing more than a very weak semantic argument.

    His point was obvious, and that is that it takes a really sick individual to use chemical weapons. You are just looking for any and all anti-Trump things to post about. BA is sadly just a liberal echo chamber, but this post is just beyond ridiculous. I hope you can return to some level of credibility soon.

    1. I already explained the travel angle of the article, WR.

      You think I am anti-Trump. Andy believes I support him.

      Amazing how one article brings such diverse opinions…

  4. Brian, I did’nt vote for Trump, lying Hillary, or crazy Bernny. None qualified for the job. But your constant injection of political crap into your website has reached tipping point for me – done reading your posts.

    1. Please list the constant injection of political crap into The Gate to which you infer, Al.

      You might come up with a few articles at best…

  5. There is a difference between using chemical weapons tacitly and using it in a concentration camp. If you don’t see that I feel sorry for you. Either way the use is abhorrent.

  6. Brian,

    Unlike some of the other comments I enjoyed this article not because of any political point that people think is being made but because of what I believe is your point of this article. Travel is able to not only connect people, but also allow them to get a first hand account of many important places around the world. In traveling to places that I remember hearing about in history books, the experience of actually being at the site is something that brings a whole new dimension to the historical significance of what happened there. It unfortunately shows what kind of a world we live in when people see a name associated with politics in an article and automatically the article is assumed to be biased one way or the other. Instead, this further proves your point of the need to travel and understand what is actually happening in the world.

    1. You actually got the point of the article and were right on the money, Matthew.

      I could not have said it better myself.

      Thank you so much!

    2. Thanks Matthew! Refreshing to see someone else who can leave the political beliefs aside and read a post without twisting it one way or the other. I share your ideals on travel and its impact in our lives. I appreciate Brian’s take on current events as they can relate to travel too.

      Thanks guys!

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