Scratch on rental car wheel
Source: FlyerTalk member lingkiin.

How Much Does This Scratch on the Wheel of This Rental Car Cost?

Wheel see if you can guess how much a rental car company — whose facility is located in Bergen — wants to charge for a scratch found on the spoke of a wheel rim of the Volvo automobile which FlyerTalk member lingkiin returned.

How Much Does This Scratch on the Wheel of This Rental Car Cost?

“I don’t even know if the scratch was done by me” is what lingkiin posted — probably while scratching his or her head. “I rented a short 2 days car from Sixt. I checked the car before I took the car and after I returned the car. I don’t really notice anything…Please refer to the attached photo.”

The photograph is located at the top of this article — along with an enlargement.


I could not initially find out how much an authentic factory wheel rim similar to the one in the photograph costs; but the most expensive original equipment manufactured aftermarket wheel rim in the United States costs only slightly more than half of what the rental car facility is charging lingkiin — but then again, the cost of goods in Norway are typically more expensive than in the United States; so the price might possibly be legitimate…

…although I doubt it. I will axle you this question: perhaps the rental car company is attempting to include loss of use of the vehicle in its estimation?

The cost for the scratch on the wheel rim is revealed below, if you are not too tired — or, more accurately, four tired — to see it; but in the meantime, reading this article pertaining to 13 tips on what you can do to prevent from being scammed by a rental car company might not be a bad idea before renting your next vehicle.

Source: FlyerTalk member lingkiin.

FlyerTalk member lingkiin is being charged approximately $600.00 for that scratch.

  1. Ouch!

    I’ve been quite fortunate with sole Sixt (Iceland) encounter, and my 2 (3?) Budget (Ireland) rentals. I definitely scratched the bejeezus out of my rims in Ireland (tiny country roads + opposite side drive = bad combo) and they didn’t even utter a peep.

    Visa/Mastercard usually have coverage included, does that not cover the cosmetic damage?

  2. “Don’t be gentle, treat it like a rental” only works in the US. Germany will note every scratch you put in the car and how bit it is and if s deep enough to go down all the way to the metal, primer or just on the top layer of paint. They will also hit you up for every dent you put in the car, no matter how small. As well scratches on the rims.

    Yes only in the US you are fortunate enough to treat a car very badly and don’t have to pay for it. Some of the stuff you get to drive from rental companies here wouldn’t be rented out again until its fixed.

  3. Once I had a rental and some idiot keyed the black car on the last day I had it. I bought a black magic marker and traced along the scratch and hoped for the best. No charges. Another time, I slid on the ice right into the cement blocks protecting the fuel pumps at a gas station – slammed into it good with a loud bang, but the car was ice-covered too. Turned it in anyway and again hoped for the best. No charges. Both in USA. In New Zealand I somehow lost a little hubcap cover about 3 inches across on an old beater rented from a local company: $100.

  4. I always photograph all parts of the rental car and file the damage report with the rental people before taking it, no matter how little the damage (all rental cars have scratches and scrapes). Doing that, I’ve not had a problem.

  5. I recently rented a car from Budget in London scratched the rim some. They looked at it REALLY closely but didn’t charge me!

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