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Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse in Foxworth in Mississippi. Restaurant Review.

I am not catfishing you with this article.

We were hungry after hiking at Red Bluff in Mississippi — but we did not want to drive two hours and fifteen minutes to get to Vicksburg or Jackson; so we decided to drive 15 minutes to Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse in Foxworth in Mississippi and dine there.

Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse in Foxworth in Mississippi. Restaurant Review.

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Photograph ©2023 by Brian Cohen.

Rural southern Mississippi is not exactly known as a dining enclave. I was not looking forward to eating at this restaurant. However, the parking lot was filled with vehicles when we arrived. Was the reason because Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse was the only dining option around for miles — as it is not located within one hour of any sizable city unless you count Hattiesburg — or was the reason because the food is good?

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The decor of the interior of the restaurant was nothing extraordinary; but it was clean. We were given menus as we were seated at table number 8 and ordered our food shortly thereafter.

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The presentation of the salad was not exactly the best I had ever seen and will not win any culinary awards — especially with the plastic cup of Italian dressing — but looks can be deceiving. The lettuce tasted fresh and crisp with no brown edges or wilted leaves; and the croutons added just the right amount of crunchiness and flavor. The slices of cucumber and the halved grape tomatoes rounded out this salad, which was included with the meal. I did not eat the onions or the shredded cheese or the saltine crackers which came in a packet.

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The All-U-Can-Eat Fillet catfish cost the same as the whole fish version; and it was only six dollars more than two fillets. The fried catfish was coated with crispy bread crumbs. One person at the table said that it was some of the best catfish he had ever eaten. I tried it. It was quite good. I believe he had at least four helpings of this dish, which can with hush puppies and a baked potato — or a choice of some other side dish. $16.95

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Photograph ©2023 by Brian Cohen.

The Crawfish Platter comes with or without peppers, hush puppies, and French fries or a different side dish. A cup of fresh boiled shrimp was added for an extra charge — especially as we were only one hour and 45 minutes from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The fried crawfish tails were crisp on the outside — but tender on the inside. The shrimp indeed tasted fresh. The French fries actually tasted better than they looked. The hush puppies were crunchy on the outside and full of flavor. $14.95

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As I was taking photographs at the restaurant, I apparently caused quite a stir: at least one of the employees thought that I was a member of the press. I told them that I simply was writing a review of the restaurant for my weblog. We were engaged in a casual conversation, of which the owner of the restaurant eventually participated.

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Final Boarding Call

I did not think that I would enjoy the experience dining at Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse — but the food was much better than I expected; members of the staff were extremely friendly and down to earth; the service was very good; and the ambiance was comfortably casual without being too noisy.

The entire meal cost a total of $49.27 in United States dollars — including tax and gratuity. For the amount of food that we received, the total cost of the meal was a good value for the money.

To my pleasant surprise, I highly recommend dining at Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse.

Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse
3129 Highway 35 South
Foxworth, Mississippi 39483
United States of America

Operating Hours
Open Monday through Friday from 11:00 in the morning through 9:00 in the evening.
Open Saturday from 11:00 in the morning through 11:00 in the evening.
Closed on Sunday.

Free parking is available on site.

All photographs ©2023 by Brian Cohen.

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