TWA Hotel pay telephone
Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

Please Explain The oneword Alliance.

No, that is not a typographical error.

Thousands of people are employed in customer service positions in the travel industry alone — whether they work for companies that provide airplane transportation, lodging, rental vehicles, cruises, or other services — so could someone please explain the oneword alliance to me?

Please Explain The oneword Alliance.

Laptop computer
Photograph ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

I know a lot of people who work in customer service for travel companies. I have been hearing from them tales of customers who contact them via e-mail message, or some various form of social media on a computer or portable electronic device and type the title with only one word — along with one word in the body of the message itself. The one word in the title could be as overly succinct as:

  • Flight
  • Rental
  • Room
  • Cruise

The one word in the message can be something as inane as:

  • Me
  • Price
  • How
  • What

More often than not, the communication has too little information to be helpful enough for a customer service agent to decipher.

Final Boarding Call

a screenshot of a social media account
Source: Twitter.

When I contact someone in customer service of a company, I try to use as few words as possible to describe what I am seeking. I cannot imagine typing the equivalent of a couple of incoherent grunts and hope to get the best customer service possible in return.

I understand that this phenomenon has been around for some time; but it seems to be happening more frequently. Why would anyone type only one word or two to someone working in the customer service department at a company?

I wonder if a group of people exists who purposely do this with companies — similar to prank phone calls in the days of yore — simply to laugh at how the companies respond.

If so, they are likely part of the oneword alliance.

All photographs ©2022 by Brian Cohen.

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