Reruns of the Weekly Rehash Recapping My Past Sunday Summaries — Or…?!?

lthough I have written articles with plenty of links to articles which I have already written, I have never written a rehash or a recap or a summary…

…although due to the multiple times The Gate has moved between FlyerTalk and BoardingArea over the years, there are times where I will repost an article with some fresh thoughts so that it is not nearly a cut-and-paste job.

I can understand why other “bloggers” post weekly summaries, rehashes and recaps from past articles. I know that it is impossible to keep up with everything everyone writes on their weblogs; and it is easy to miss something. Conversely, there are times where I post an article at one time where you may miss it and not see it.

There are some creative ways to have the topic matter of an article repeated while still keeping it “fresh”: post a new update; relate it to a different topic, include a poll for starters…

…and perhaps even create a menu listing past articles — perhaps with a certain structure so that you may check them at your leisure — such as listing all of the articles posted within the past week without posting a rehash article.

Please let me know what you believe would be the best way for me to ensure that you read articles posted at The Gate which may be of interest to you by listing your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Thank you in advance.

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