a road that has been eroded by a cliff
Source: Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Teton Pass Closed Until Further Notice 2024 Due To Mudslide: Travel Alert

Pass on this pass for now.

The portion of Wyoming State Highway 22 which is known as Teton Pass is closed until further notice 2024 due to a mudslide at milepost 15 which occurred early yesterday morning, Friday, June 7, 2024 before 4:18 in the morning Mountain Daylight Time.

Teton Pass Closed Until Further Notice 2024 Due To Mudslide: Travel Alert

This mudslide will especially affect motorists who drive between Jackson in Wyoming and Victor in Idaho, as both commuters and tourists who travel between Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming use this road.

“The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has closed WYO 22, Teton Pass as of 4:18 a.m. this morning due to a mudslide”, according to this official announcement from the Wyoming Department of Transportation. “The mudslide came down at milepost 15, near the scale house, breaching both lanes of travel. Crews have been working to clear the debris, but additional material continues to flow into the roadway. There is no estimated time of opening.”

a road that has been collapsed
Source: Wyoming Department of Transportation.

The mudslide occurred despite attempts to prevent it from occurring with temporary patches, as cracks across the lanes of the road were as deep as eight inches. “In addition, crews are using the closure to evaluate the temporary patch and movement at milepost 12.8. Yesterday, Teton Pass was closed due to road damage caused by a landslide. The movement caused a crack and drop in the road, resulting in unsafe driving conditions. Early reports indicate that there has been additional movement since the repairs yesterday. More information will be available after a more thorough investigation can be completed. If crews deem the section of roadway unsafe for travel, the closure could continue after the cleanup of the mudslide at milepost 15.”

Crews are currently working on a temporary solution to stabilize the slide area by removing the asphalt on the roadway in order to minimize the weight on the unstable ground, which will help to reduce the driving force that is pushing the movement. The road will be realigned closer to the mountain in “shoe fly detour configuration” — similar to what drivers see on a two-lane road construction project.

Final Boarding Call

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If your travel plans have you driving through Teton Pass, your drive of 35 minutes will now consume at last one hour and 37 minutes, as you will need to drive through Alpine in Wyoming instead.

June is at the start of the busy season in both the Rocky Mountains and the national parks and forests out west. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved as quickly and as safely as possible.

Source: Wyoming Department of Transportation.

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