Airport Security Checkpoint
Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

Update: Official TSA Response to Controversial Identification at Airports

Clarification received directly from TSA press secretary.

Earlier this evening, I wrote this article pertaining to the controversy of certain types of documentation which may be accepted by the Transportation Security Administration for the transportation of passengers who are considered to be illegal migrants by many lawmakers.

Update: Official TSA Response to Controversial Identification at Airports

I contacted a representative of the Transportation Security Administration regarding this story — and I received a response via email message almost immediately which stated that “We are working on something now, and I will be in touch soon.”

Soon came at 9:39 Eastern Standard Time earlier tonight, Friday, January 21, 2022, as this is the official response which I received and posted below in its entirety:


Thank you for your patience and interest in TSA.

To confirm the identity of an individual and ensure they are not on the no-fly list or pose a known threat to public safety or national security, TSA verifies the identity of every traveler before they are permitted to enter the secure area of an airport. Noncitizens without a standard form of identification may instead present certain DHS-issued forms to a TSA officer. These forms are civil immigration violation documents, do not include criminal arrest warrants, and are not indicative of a threat to public safety or national security. TSA confirms the identity of the individual by verifying the personally identifiable information found on these forms using DHS’s CBP One™ Mobile Application.

There are two main points here on background:

  • These forms represent civil immigration enforcement and are not criminal arrest warrants
  • TSA uses these forms to verify personally identifiable information found in CBP’s database

R. Carter Langston
Press Secretary
Strategic Communications and Public Affairs
Transportation Security Administration

Final Boarding Call

I still have a lot of thoughts and questions about this entire situation; but I am interested in reading your thoughts and questions as well — which you can post in the Comments section below — before I impart what is on my mind.

The entire initial article — which includes at least two complete letters, a video, and numerous links to sources — is found here.

Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Brian, I’m not positive but I’m assuming this allows people who have been deported to fly back to their country. We don’t put people who have deported on military aircraft. I think we just buy them a commercial plane ticket and escort them to the airport. These forms will allow TSA to verify their identity, which will allow them to fly home via commercial jet.

  2. While I agree with James Dozer that the way it should work is these forms would only allow deportation flights. The problem is our current administration is relocating people that cross our border illegally. They become “Illegal Aliens” since this apparently gives them documentation, they would no longer be “undocumented”. This allows them to relocate around the country in order to scatter them out and away from the mess of our Southern border. I embrace immigration, legal immigration that is but these people are breaking the law and should be deported. The Democratic party thinks that if they allow anyone into the country on a wholesale basis with no controls they can put them on public assistance which in turn creates a larger population living off of government programs. People on government programs are thought to vote for Democratic or Liberals because they continue to create and enlarge welfare, Medicaid, and related programs. In the end, only very strong-willed immigrants can manage to escape this indentured slavery to create a better life. Most are stuck in public programs for life and even for generations. Before you think I’m just some random Trump supporter or whatever. Republicans need to step up and do more on this issue. They need to support ways to make legal immigration easier and more streamlined but it needs to be legal. You don’t invite someone who breaks into your home to move into your spare bedroom so they can clean your house and mow your yard for life. You don’t even move them down the street so they can become a slave to someone else. Even the ACLU, NBC news, and CNN, as liberal as they are, don’t support these “lateral” flights that move immigrants around. The TSA is a paper tiger mess of security theater.

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