Tree Fruit of Some Kind
Photograph ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

Vine Fruit of Some Kind? Sunday Morning Photograph

What is the actual identity of this plant?

I have to admit that I not only do not remember exactly where I took the photographs for this edition of Sunday Morning Photograph; but I initially had no idea as to what is the subject. The only clue I had was the names of both photographs are Tree Fruit of Some Kind; but it seems to be from a vine rather than from a tree.

Vine Fruit of Some Kind? Sunday Morning Photograph

Tree Fruit of Some Kind
Photograph ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

The otherworldly shape of the buds — which are green in the springtime and eventually turn into a deep dark red color — intrigued me enough to photograph them. After doing some research, the identity of this plant is apparently Celastrus orbiculatus, which is also more commonly known as Oriental bittersweet, Chinese bittersweet, Asian bittersweet, round-leaved bittersweet, or Asiatic bittersweet. The plant is an invasive species found in much of the eastern United States and eastern Canada; and is native to China, Japan, and Korea.

“Oriental bittersweet is considered a ‘severe’ pest plant in the Northeast and Southeast”, according to this extensive article from the Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture of the United States. “In the Northeast, it is listed as a high threat in deciduous, coniferous, and mixed conifer-deciduous forests, old fields, grasslands, riparian areas, and fresh wetlands; and an unknown threat in tidal wetlands.”

Final Boarding Call

If I am incorrect about the identity of this plant, please let me know in the Comments section below — but if I am correct and you find one, you might want to take offensive action against this vine to protect other plants nearby.

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All photographs ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

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