Long Fish Sandwich
Source: Burger King.

What is Wrong With This Burger King Extra Long Fish Sandwich Image?

urger King recently introduced its extra long fish sandwich — and although I do not eat fast food very often, I tried one for lunch earlier this week, as I do enjoy fish sandwiches. It was okay; but I would not exactly call it “extra long”, as it is not as big as the name implies — although when compared to the Whaler, Big Fish and other past iterations of fish sandwiches offered by Burger King, I suppose that it is all relative.

What is Wrong With This Burger King Extra Long Fish Sandwich Image?

Just out of curiosity, I decided to go to the official Internet web site of Burger King to see how the fast food restaurant chain is promoting the extra long fish sandwich — and I saw the following image, which was still there just before this article was posted:

Long Fish Sandwich
Click on the image for a larger version. Source: Burger King.


Well — not much of a summary, really — but it is time to have some fun at the expense of a major corporation: can you find what is wrong with this Burger King extra long fish sandwich image?

I cannot wait to read your correct answers — as well as your creative responses…

  1. I am continually convinced that The Gate has the best readers of any weblog.

    I am laughing at the answers posted so far — partly because they are funny; but also partly because they are all correct!

    I might need that napkin to dab the tears from laughing so hard — if I can pull it out from under the weight of that extra long fish sandwich.

    Please keep them coming!

  2. My sentiments exactly, that all of the previous comments are correct. I, too, recently ordered this sandwich at my local Burger King, and it’s not bad, especially compared to their other recent sandwich introductions. However long the sandwich is, though, unless one gobbles it down, the fish is soggy by the time you get to the end of the sandwich. This may be caused by the lettuce (whatever type it really is) or perhaps the panko (?) coating isn’t strong enough. It’s better than previous fish attempts by BK, but not as good as the regular size offering from McDonald’s. Also, when the introduced their fish sandwich many years ago, McDonald’s had one of the all-time great advertising lines, which was, “The Fish that Catches People”.

  3. i am old school and i remember the old whaler fish sandwich it was the best of all fish sandwiches. whatever the old recipe was you need to bring it back. i always say ” if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it

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