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Winter Storms Affecting Much of the United States: January 2024 Travel Alert

At least 100 airports in the United States and Canada will be affected.

Due to the latest round of winter weather systems, consider ensuring that you have alternate travel plans ready to be implemented because of winter storms affecting much of the United States January 2024 — and few regions are excluded, as at least 100 airports in the United States and Canada will be affected.

Winter Storms Affecting Much of the United States: January 2024 Travel Alert

The following statement is currently posted at the official Internet web site of the National Weather Service of the United States:

Major Winter Storms to Impact the Lower 48 This Week; Flooding Concerns for Hawaii

Significant winter storms will track across the Lower 48 through this week. Blizzard conditions for the Plains and Midwest, strong to damaging winds, severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall from the deep South through the Northeast are expected through Tuesday. Another system bringing heavy precipitation to the Pacific Northwest through Wednesday. For Hawaii, a cold front will focus heavy rain.

The map of the United States from the National Weather Service currently indicates that winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings, winter storm watches, high wind warnings, wind advisories, freeze warnings, hard freeze warnings, and hazardous weather outlooks have been issued in much of the United States…

a map of the united states
Source: National Weather Service of the United States.

…but as much as 20 inches of snow could accumulate in local areas of southwestern Kansas to northern Michigan and some portions of southern central Canada. Expect travel conditions to be substantially difficult, as hundreds of flights may be canceled.

Moreover, much of the eastern two-thirds of the United States can experience winds of up to as much as 75 miles per hour, which will result in trees falling down and outages of electrical power.

Parts of the southeastern United States will experience torrential rainfall, gusty winds, and possible tornadoes.

Flight Waivers, Delays and Cancellations

If you are traveling to, from, or within much of the United States over the next few days or so, expect delays and cancellations of flights. Keep up to date on the latest information pertaining to these winter weather systems which may adversely affect your travel plans. Better yet, postponing or canceling your trip might be a better option — no matter which mode of travel you plan on taking.

If you have a flight scheduled, your flight may be delayed or canceled — and you may be eligible for a waiver of a fee to change your itinerary.

Here are ten airlines which have issued travel alerts as a result of these weather systems:

Final Boarding Call

Do not be surprised to see additional airlines issue travel waivers — as well as existing travel waivers being extended — as this winter weather system progresses towards the east.

Be sure to contact your airline or transportation provider for the latest information pertaining to your travels — if they are adversely affected — and please: travel safely.

Photograph ©2010 by Brian Cohen.

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