an airplane flying over a forest
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

8 Reasons Why This May Be the Best Airport Hotel Property.

Possibly in the world.

At least 8 reasons explain why this may be the best airport hotel property — possibly in the world — and one of those reasons is not because the multinational lodging company sponsored my being at this hotel property, which it did.

8 Reasons Why This May Be the Best Airport Hotel Property.

a building with many windows
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Since the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal occurred on Thursday, March 7, 2024, this hotel property has been open to guests to enjoy all that it has to offer. Extensive attention to details have been thoughtfully executed to elevate the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal above any other airport hotel property. Although many reasons exist as to why this is the best hotel property I have ever seen or experienced, what follows are my top eight reasons.

1. BNA Sky Pavilion.

a group of round black objects next to a picture of an airplane
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

The BNA Sky Pavilion is the jewel of the hotel property — especially for enthusiasts of aviation. Its expansive rooftop area includes Sky Bar, where both guests and visitors who are not staying at the hotel property can sip on crafted cocktails and enjoy gastronomic bites daily from 2:00 in the afternoon through midnight. Plenty of seating with tables is available — and people can gather around the cozy fire pit while listening to country music from the strategically placed loudspeakers…

a pool on a rooftop
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

…but nothing can beat watching airplanes take off and land for hours while in the full-sized swimming pool…

a table and chairs on a patio
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

…or while taking a shower outside near the swimming pool. Where else can you watch airplanes while taking a shower outside?

a pool with a glass railing
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

I was able to watch airplane after airplane land from the swimming pool area.

Even at the VIP Lounge in Terminal B opposite of gates 5 and 6 at Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic — which has an infinity swimming pool overlooking the airport as well — one cannot shower while watching airplanes. Guests can only stay in that airport lounge for a maximum of two hours; and the outdoor area of the lounge is not nearly as expansive as the BNA Sky Pavilion, which is superior in many ways. One can have 360 degree views of the Tennessee landscape from the BNA Sky Pavilion.

a city skyline with trees in the background
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

If viewing airplanes from a swimming pool or shower was not enough, the view of downtown Nashville handily tops off this experience.

In my opinion, the BNA Sky Pavilion is reason enough to consider the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal as the best airport hotel property in the world, as demonstrated by this short video of airplanes landing

…but other reasons exist as well.

2. Epicurean Creations. In Other Words: Great Food.

a table with plates of food and glasses
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Taty Agustina is proud of the menu she has created at the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal; but the executive chef of the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal is also adorably humble about her food.

a plate of food on a table
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

After starting off with a wonderfully fresh salad that contained spinach, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, apple slices, pecans, and feta cheese when I was there, she had such delectable selections available as:

  • Vegetable Pasta with squash noodle, vermicelli, red onion, shiitake mushroom, spinach pesto, and roasted pine nuts
  • Seafood Pasta with mussel, scallops, rock shrimp, pappardelle pasta, lemon leaf’s fume, and fried shallot
  • Shrimp and Grits with grits, coconut milk, lemon grass fume, rock shrimp, and Thai chili sauce with chili thread
  • Green-lipped mussels
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • A quinoa mix
  • Cheesecake for dessert
a tray of food on a table
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Also available were Lamb Lollipops with a port wine reduction, Shrimp Lumpia, and assorted fresh breads. I can be a picky eater; but the food was absolutely amazing — as were the aforementioned views from inside the Sky Bar at the BNA Sky Pavilion.

a slice of cheesecake with a red sauce on a plate
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

3. Comfortable and Quiet Rooms.

a bed with white sheets and a desk
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Windows that are constructed of triple-paned glass play a substantial role into ensuring that the rooms are quiet. Save for the occasional significantly muffled roars of the engines of jet airplanes either taking off or having reverse thrusters used to slow the metal behemoths down after landing on the runway, I did not hear any noise from outside of the building while relaxing in my room.

The positioning of the hotel property is another factor. Because the building is located between active runways, airplanes cannot fly overhead — which also helps to reduce noise.

The bed was comfortable as well — and get this…

a digital display on a wall
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

…the thermostat can be set all the way down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I tested it. The air in the room became really cold.

When was the last time you saw that in a hotel room?

4. Design That Celebrates Flight.

a room with chairs and tables
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Some of the meeting rooms are named after aviators such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. Drawings of images related to aviation are on glass walls.

a group of blue planes on a wall
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

The orange airplane on the wall near the front desk pays homage to the logo for Nashville International Airport in which the stylized B of BNA is orange.

a glass wall with a picture of a plane
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

In case you were wondering, the B in the BNA airport code for Nashville International Airport is from the last name of Harry S. Berry, as the airport was once called Berry Field. Bessie Coleman is also honored in this display.

a room with chairs and a projector
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Look up: in at least one of the meeting rooms, the lighting on the ceiling is in a shape that loosely resembles an airplane.

a triangle shaped light fixture
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

5. Style.

people standing at a reception desk
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

From the moment I entered the lobby of the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal, I immediately sensed that the hotel property exudes a sense of style.

a fireplace in a room
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

I felt like I was in an upscale hotel property and not some typical run-of-the-mill stodgy airport hotel property. I have stayed in too many of those in my travels.

a room with tables and chairs
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

6. Convenience to the Airport.

No shuttle is required to get from the terminals of Nashville International Airport to the hotel property. Simply walk over a covered pedestrian bridge to get to the hotel property within minutes of the airplane landing. I did not time the walk — but let us just say that the walk from the gate to the hotel property was no longer than getting to the area where one can catch a shuttle or a taxi cab.

7. Proximity to Downtown.

a city skyline with a runway and buildings in the distance
Photograph ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

Nashville is currently undergoing rapid growth — and the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal hotel property is only as few as twelve minutes from the downtown area of the city. I have stayed at airport properties that are located miles away from the cities that they serve and can take more than an hour to travel between them and the centers or downtowns of those cities.

8. New — and With the Latest Technology.

Although not everything at the Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal will be new forever, it is certainly a reason to stay at this hotel property.

One example of the latest technology is that wireless charging is available for portable electronic devices in each room…

…and remember: the thermostat can be adjusted to as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool. Literally.

Final Boarding Call

My only criticism about this hotel property is its name, which for some unknown yet oddball reason was difficult for me to remember — but a hotel property called Hilton Nashville Airport already exists; so that would not be the answer.

Room rates are as low as $182.43 per night, which becomes $214.57 per night when $32.14 in taxes are added to the room rate. Self parking at $30.00 per night is not included in the room rate.

Less expensive options are certainly available at other hotel properties — but not with the aforementioned combination of amenities that Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal offers.

Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal
2 Terminal Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
United States of America

All photographs ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Nice review. Is it THE BEST in the world? How about..

    JFK (TWA Hotel)
    Singapore (but that doesn’t have a good view of aircraft)

    1. I would have to argue against TWA Hotel in New York, derek. Here is the article which I wrote about it a few years ago…

      …and to use the rooftop pool there is a minimum charge of $25.00 for adults and $10.00 for children — in addition to the room rates, which are significantly more expensive than at Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal and do not include a mandatory fee.

      Plus, the fit and finish of the hotel room and the building itself was rather flimsy.

      TWA Hotel is a great hotel at which to stay for one night — or one can just visit it during the day — but it can be tiresome after a while; whereas Hilton BNA Nashville Airport Terminal is far more comfortable, quiet, and stylish. The building itself seems like it was constructed better than TWA Hotel, in my opinion.

  2. A few random dates checked w.r.t. Hilton points shows that this hotel requires in the neighborhood of 70000 Hilton points per night.

    1. I checked the cost of redeeming points, Billy Bob; and while you are generally correct, I found rates as low as 54,000 points per night.

  3. Tell me they don’t have the stupid bulk shampoo dispensers and I’m sold 🙂

    Nice review. I’d throw up airport hotels at Amsterdam, Munich and Milan Malpensa. I’m also a big fan of the New Hotel Villa Fontaine at Haneda Terminal 3. It doesn’t have the rooftop views but they are steps away in the main terminal building.

    I’m a huge fan of hotels that are in, or directly attached to airport terminals but what really sets them apart is what is available to do there. For example, if you have a hotel attached to the terminal but you can’t get to the shops because they are only airside then it can be hard to enjoy all the shopping and restaurants. That’s one reason Hotel Villa Fontaine is such a success at Haneda or the attached hotels at Amsterdam or even Munich to some degree. Malpensa doesn’t have as much shopping but I do like that Sheraton hotel.

    1. Bulk dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash by Crabtree & Evelyn are in the bathrooms, DaninMCI.

      The hotel property was built as part of the renovation and expansion of Nashville International Airport; but I did not pay much attention to what was available landside at the airport.

      I will have to check out the hotel properties that you mentioned for myself and see how they compare…

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