Award Saver Fees to Increase Again on British Airways

This Airbus A319-131 aircraft at Dyce Airport in Aberdeen sports the special Doves livery of British Airways. Photograph by FlyerTalk member stu1985. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by stu1985.

Effective as of July 11, 2013, fees for Avios flight saver rewards with British Airways will increase from £30 to £35 return in Euro Traveller and from £40 to £50 in Club Europe, according to FlyerTalk member mgiarc.
Here is the exact verbiage from the official Internet web site of British Airways:

“Bookings in Zone 1-3 made using Avios & Money are eligible for Reward Flight Saver. The flat fee will be included in the Avios & Money total. You will not see the flat fee as a separate amount in the final price quote.
“On 11 July these prices will increase to £35/€42.50 return in Euro Traveller and £50/€60 return in Club Europe.”

This latest increase in fees will be implemented only months after Avios flight saver rewards with British Airways increased from £27 to £30 return in economy class and from £34 to £40 in business class.
While both rounds of increases may seem modest, FlyerTalk member Tafflyer calls it “A 50% fee increase in 15 months. Wow.”
However, FlyerTalk member Dave_C says that “there are a whole lot of things worth complaining about with BA at the moment, however I don’t think this is one of them. Clearly we’d all prefer it if the prices didn’t go up like this, but they’re still excellent value, especially compared to the competition.”
What are your thoughts? Is the value of Reward Flight Saver still a good deal despite the increases, or has that value diminished to a point where Reward Flight Saver is no longer worth it?

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