Bungalows Somewhere in Italy
Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

Bungalows Somewhere in Italy: Sunday Morning Photograph

Yo, Adriatic! See?!?

I wish I could recall exactly where I was when I took this photograph of bungalows somewhere in Italy — as I was on a road trip with friends whom I met on FlyerTalk — but the location was on a beach along the Adriatic Sea in the northeastern part of the country on a crisp yet hazy morning on the last day of October, which is one reason why the area was not crowded with people…

Bungalows Somewhere in Italy: Sunday Morning Photograph.

Bungalows Somewhere in Italy
Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

…and because the area was so desolate at the time, the opportunity to take photographs was ideal, in my opinion — and the way the bungalows were arranged caught my eye.

The road trip itself included six countries; and we took turns driving. The trip itself was fun — so much so that at times I simply wanted to enjoy the trip itself and not really care about exactly where I was at the time, which is quite rare for me. The best that I can recall is that the location must have been somewhere between Trieste and Monfalcone before heading north into Austria.

Final Boarding Call

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Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

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