Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort
Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Confirmed Connecting Rooms: Hilton Solves a Long-Time Issue

As travel bounces back with a vengeance after people have been isolated, quarantined, or locked down as a result of attempts to control the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, rental cars are either expensive or difficult to find; airplanes have become packed with passengers; and hotel and resort properties are increasingly finding that they have limited available capacity for guests…

Confirmed Connecting Rooms: Hilton Solves a Long-Time Issue

…and that can pose a problem for families and groups of people who travel together and want a place at which they can stay for the night — and stay in rooms that are adjacent to each other and can be accessed through an interior door. This is especially important for parents who want to sleep in peace in one room while their children sleep in the next room, as one of many examples as to why rooms which are connected are requested yet cannot be confirmed — but those requests are not honored at times when checking in at the front desk for various reasons, which results in frustration.

Hilton is addressing this issue by becoming the first major lodging company to introduce a reservation booking experience which allows individuals to easily book reservations for — and instantly confirm — at least two connecting rooms, as guests will no longer need to wait until checking in at the front desk to confirm a reservation with connecting rooms.

Originally engineered and inspired by Motto by Hilton — which is the new urban lifestyle hotel brand of Hilton — Confirmed Connecting Rooms by Hilton has started to be implemented at hotel and resort properties worldwide; and it will be available when booking reservations at participating hotel and resort properties within any of the 18 brands of its portfolio.

You can now book — and instantly confirm — reservations with connecting rooms for your stay in three easy steps, as shown in this video:

  1. Select the number of desired rooms — along with the destination and dates — and choose your hotel or resort property
  2. When selecting a room, check the box to indicate interested in connecting rooms
  3. Select each connecting room at the desired rates; and book the stay with instant confirmation


This seamless process is a simple solution to an issue which has occurred for decades — especially as almost half of travelers who book trips together consider connecting rooms at a hotel or resort property to be important — but it is a solution which is not without flaws. For example, not all hotel and resort properties are equipped with connecting rooms. Also, what happens when connecting rooms are unavailable?

Still, this new innovative feature gives guests who want connecting rooms more control of a choice of lodging: if connecting rooms are not available at one hotel property, they can always choose a different hotel property at which to stay.

Please read this review and trip report of the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort hotel property, which has rooms that are connected with a door. Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

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