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Double Night Credits With Hilton For Business 2024

This promotion can be potentially lucrative for your business — if your business qualifies.

You can earn Double Night Credits with Hilton For Business 2024 on all stays — including for business and for leisure — through Tuesday, December 31, 2024, which means that because each night you stay will count as two nights, you can maintain your Hilton Honors status in half the stays or boost your Hilton Honors status twice as fast…

Double Night Credits With Hilton For Business 2024

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…but you must first connect your Hilton Honors membership account to register your business for Hilton for Business and then successfully create your business profile. To benefit from this offer, you must be part of the Hilton for Business travel program prior to checking out for your stay. Registered business owners and their employees will be automatically enrolled to earn a double night credit for each night completed within the promotion period.

No maximum limit exists as to the total amount of double night credits that may be earned during the promotion period with this offer.

About Hilton for Business

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Hilton for Business is a self-service travel program that was created for small businesses and medium businesses to seamlessly book corporate travel with a discounted rate, earn Hilton Honors points, gain access to exclusive tools, and provide guests with comprehensive loyalty benefits — including portfolio-wide discounts, travel rewards, and more.

  • Business travelers enjoy a simple and efficient way to book their stays at participating Hilton hotel and resort properties worldwide while earning Hilton Honors points and benefits that Hilton provides.
  • Your business earns bonus Hilton Honors points with each stay booked with the Hilton for Business rate and completed by your employees participating in the program.
  • Account owners and administrators can view business travel booked through Hilton for Business, manage members, and more.
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All you need to do is register your organization, and then invite your employees to join — but your company must meet the following requirements to participate in the Hilton for Business travel program:

  1. Your company or organization must be a legal small business to medium business based anywhere in the world.
  2. You do not have a partnership relationship with Hilton Worldwide Sales.
  3. You and your employees must be enrolled in the Hilton Honors membership program. Your Hilton Honors membership account is where you can access and manage your Hilton for Business travel program account.
  4. You and your employees must have e-mail addresses that match your work e-mail domain: for example, name@company.com as free e-mail accounts — such as from Gmail or Yahoo e-mail — are not accepted at this time.

When you register your business for the Hilton for Business travel program, you and your employees can expect to:

  • Enjoy fast and easy program set up, so you can quickly access your benefits.
  • Have access to an exclusive discounted rate at any participating Hilton hotel or resort property worldwide — although participating hotel and resort properties may change.
  • Earn 7,500 Hilton Honors points for your organization after you have successfully registered your business and any registered employee in the program completes the first stay of the program using the Hilton for Business rate.
  • Receive 5,000 Hilton Honors points for your organization after every ten nights of completed stays booked with the Hilton for Business rate by any combination of program members — but you can earn Hilton Honors points on a maximum number of 3,000 stay nights within a calendar year.

Using your personal Hilton Honors membership account to register and manage Hilton for Business can offer a range of benefits like convenience, efficiency, and consolidated insights, including the ability to:

  • Manage Points, perks, and more for your Hilton Honors and Hilton for Business accounts in one place.
  • Enjoy a single sign-in, as you will only need to remember your Hilton Honors information to get into all of your accounts.
  • Get a big picture view with reporting that shows you everything you need to know to make confident business decisions.

Account owners and administrators have account management permissions, which include the ability to:

  • Invite members. Invite any number of employees to the program via an email link. Keep in mind, employees must enroll or be enrolled in Hilton Honors and have an email address with the same email domain as your business.
  • Manage access. Remove any employee from the program.

Everyone in the Hilton for Business travel program can:

  • Earn. Earn milestone bonuses of Hilton Honors Points for completed stays.
  • Book online or with the mobile software application program. There is no special booking portal; but members must sign into their Hilton Honors account when booking. You can book directly at Hilton.com or using the Hilton Honors mobile software application program. Any member of Hilton for Business can book the guest room discount and any local negotiated rates while signed into Hilton Honors.
  • Book any rate. Members can book the best rate available — even if it is not the Hilton for Business discount rate; however, only the Hilton for Business rate bookings are eligible to earn Hilton Honors Bonus Points for your business.
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To see the Hilton for Business discount when booking a stay, you must be signed into your Hilton Honors membership account and have the business travel toggle switched on. There is no special link that you must select or special portal you must visit.

When you search for a hotel or resort property for your stay, you will see the Hilton for Business rate as an option to choose in the Special Rates section.

If you started through a booking link specific to the Hilton for Business program and are signed into you Hilton Honors membership account, you may see the option selected by default.

Hilton for Business members can choose to shop and book rooms for business or personal travel while signed into their Hilton Honors membership account:

  • The Hilton for Business rate will only appear when booking for business travel toggle is switched on.
  • Any reservations that are booked for business travel — no matter what rate is chosen — will appear in the tracking tools dashboard of the business.
  • However, only the Hilton for Business rate reservations count towards earning your business Hilton Honors bonus points.

Final Boarding Call

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If you have a small business or a medium business that qualifies to be part of the Hilton for Business travel program, consider registering it and participate in this potentially lucrative promotion, which will not cost you anything but a few moments of your time…

All photographs ©2015, ©2019, ©2021, ©2023, and ©2024 by Brian Cohen.

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