Frigid Temperatures as Far South as Florida Tonight

I f you are in the United States and woke up to frigid temperatures this morning, keep your winter clothing handy, as the bad news is that it is expected to get even colder tonight into tomorrow morning — and more people will be experiencing that freezing cold with you.

Areas of the United States as far south as northern Florida may experience the first freeze of the season and possible record low temperatures. The low temperature in Tallahassee — the capital city of Florida — is expected to be around 27 degrees Fahrenheit, which is only two degrees warmer than the record low temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Jacksonville is expected to endure a low temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

I had just “escaped” Indianapolis in time before five to seven inches of snow blanketed the area; in fact, the snow had started falling just before I left. While I was relieved to have left the unusually cold temperatures currently in Indiana, Georgia is not going to be much peachier with low temperatures expected to be in the teens overnight in portions of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area…

…and the wind chills are only expected to exacerbate the unusually frigid weather in mid-November of 2014. Northern Florida could see wind chill readings where the cold feels like the temperature is in the teens; while wind chill readings in Minneapolis, Bismarck and many other areas of the Northern Plains states are expected to be below zero.

Meanwhile, areas south and east of the Great Lakes are experiencing significant accumulations of “lake-effect” snow. Buffalo is expecting greater than two feet of snow; with the possibility of as much as five feet of snow for areas north of Syracuse.

If you want to warm up but stay within the United States, head over to Phoenix, where the high temperature is expected to be in the 70s; while high temperatures in Miami and Los Angeles will struggle to reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow.

The good news is that temperatures will begin to moderate in many areas of the United States — but not until the end of this week…

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