Source: Hertz.

Personalize Wrap Your Ride Free With Hertz — Complimentary

Ride in style while driving every mile.

I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie
From New York to Utah to Mississippi
You can drive these vehicles in a different flair
Around the United States, everywhere

Now what you read is not a test: Hertz’ SUVs
In a custom way, is the best and is gonna be a breeze
See, I am Brian Cohen, and I am rappin’ hello
To the black, to the white, the red and the brown, the purple and yellow
Designs which Hertz will wrap around their vehicles for free
Have you up jump the boogie and dance with glee
Let’s drive, you don’t stop
Rock the wrapping that will make your ride rock
Just bring your friends along from nineteen styles from which to choose
Celebrate those special occasions, come on — how can you lose?

Check it out: anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette quotes, and graduations stars
Baby announcements, balloons, retirement, however you want to decorate the cars
You can even do engagements, new beginnings, and gender reveals
Custom messages written by you can even be put on these sets of wheels
You may not have bodyguards, two big cars, that definitely ain’t the whack
Not on a Lincoln continental or a sunroof Cadillac
The vehicles are more like a Ram Sprinter or a Chevy Tahoe
But one thing though: you need to give them up to six weeks to let them know
What is exactly the style that you want, the rental vehicle covered with wrap
And drive off the rental car lot in style by yourself, with companions, and maybe even a map

Everybody go: Hotel, motel, whatcha gonna do today — say what?
Rent a vehicle from Hertz, and definitely enjoy a different kind of day
Everybody go: Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
Or Marriott, Hyatt, Best Western, or Hilton Garden Inn

This offer is here for you
It’s on you; so what you gonna do?

This article was written with no apologies to the Sugarhill Gang
For Rapper’s Delight
— and I don’t blame you if you sang
I wrote this article even though I cannot stand rap
To feature this offer from Hertz; now it’s in your lap
No extra charge for vehicle wraps, I have attested
Rent from Hertz — you should not get arrested
You are nearing the end of this ridiculous diversion
Aren’t you glad this is not the 14-minute version?
There ain’t gonna be no Final Boarding Call
’Cause this is the end of this article. That’s all.

Source: from a company called Hertz. For those who wear shirts; and those who wear skirts.

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