Knotted Gun Malmö Sweden
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

Sunday Morning Photograph September 11 2022: The Knotted Gun in Malmö in Sweden.

Today is the general parliamentary election in Sweden.

After I learned that at least one man died and one woman was still in the hospital as a result of a shooting incident at the Emporia shopping mall in Malmö — where as many as 20 shots were fired on Friday, August 19, 2022, according to this official police report — I decided to dig into my archive of photographs and feature a sculpture which is found in the central part of the third largest city in Sweden…

Sunday Morning Photograph September 11 2022: The Knotted Gun in Malmö in Sweden.

Knotted Gun Malmö Sweden
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

…when people were just going about their daily business and not concerned about murders due to violence by armed members of gangs, which has been increasing recently in Sweden and is among the important issues which have been on the minds of many voters ahead of the general parliamentary election in the country today, Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Knotted Gun Malmö Sweden
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

The official name of this giant bronze depiction of a Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver gun is Non Violence, which was created in 1985 by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. A large but simple square sculpture with a hole in it is located on the other side of Neptunigatan, which is the street that separates the two sculptures.

Knotted Gun Malmö Sweden
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

Only Stockholm and Gothenburg are larger cities in Sweden than Malmö, which a commercial centre that is located in the western part of Skåne County in the southern part of the country east of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Malmö Sweden
Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

Final Boarding Call

No admission is charged to see the Non Violence knotted gun sculpture. Malmö can be easily reached by crossing the Öresund Bridge — either by vehicle or by train — from Copenhagen, which is where the nearest major airport is located.

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All photographs ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Unfortunately, the former neo-Nazis, WW2-era Nazi Germany supporters, South African apartheid regime supporters and their fanboys got their act together enough to convince the Swedish public that tolerance for xenophobic intolerance should be the general order of the day in Sweden; and it looks like they may become both the biggest right of center political party in Sweden and the second (if not the) biggest political party in the country as of the election today.

    The shooter at the Emporia mall in Malmo was a 15 years old boy who got out of a Swedish juvenile delinquent “care” facility in Gothenburg and headed to Malmo with a mission to shoot at a rival gang’s leader who was expected to show up at the Malmo court for a trial of the gang members of that rival gang. The teenager or an acquaintance trailed the people leaving the courthouse, followed them on their way to the mall and then shot him outside the Zara store. Along with the assassinated gang leader at the Malmo mall, a Norwegian shopper was shot too.

    The police had captured the shooter within less than 21 minutes of the shooting, and that is even as he had escaped the mall and grabbed a taxi to escape the scene. The mall was closed and opened two days later.

    The shooting there happened on one of the rare days that week where there were no Swedish police around doing border control checks literally across from the Emporia mall.

    Organized crime using minors for criminal activity is a global phenomenon. So it shouldn’t be a surprised that Sweden is no exception.

    The fear factor has really gotten out of control in Sweden. Xenophobia has also gotten out of control. Crime of some sorts is up in the country, but the risk of being subject to serious crime in general in Sweden is still pretty low when compared to the US or even Canada. The vast majority of criminal violence in Sweden happens on the days around when the average Swede collects their paycheck and on when alcohol sales/consumption are higher than average.

    The Sweden Democrats market themselves by painting a picture of Sweden as a failed state and trying to paint the country’s problems as being something that would not exist or would disappear if not for immigration. For the shallow ethno-nationalists, trash talking their country — and Malmo in particular — has been the order of the day for quite some time and then some. The irony of that is that Malmo is a much better city to do business in and even live in today than it is was 20-80 years ago. But what would I know about this area. 😉

  2. Sad story from that area. I really think it made news headlines as it happened at a shopping center but was really just street gang-on-gang violence as a result of skyrocketing crimes in that area. Most of this is directly related to Syrian gangs. They would have this same violence no matter where they lived. It is illegal in Sweden to own a gun if you are under 18. The statue (.357 revolver) in your photo was created as a reaction to John Lenon’s death many years ago. That handgun (a .38 revolver) is on display at an NYPD forensics lab in Queens. The artist was apparently trying to reflect John Lenon’s vision of utopia but that is very hard to “imagine” in a world where immigration is allowed without limits. Ironically the person that shot John Lenon obtained that handgun in Hawaii (with very strict gun laws) and flew with it to NYC and purchased ammunition there locally with another set of strict gun laws. The people of Sweden are just now reaping the results of their social policies that have failed them. I hope they can get a handle on the violence and find a way to allow orderly immigration instead of unchecked borders as in the past. It would be like allowing anyone to work in a daycare center without a background check because you don’t want to seem like you are xenophobic against criminals. Don’t be shocked when it goes badly.

  3. In the month prior to the shooting at the Emporia mall in Malmo, there was a shooting at the Fields mall in Copenhagen. Denmark has been so hostile for so long toward immigration that even Americans and Canadians married to Danes have had to move to Sweden because of Denmark’s xenophobic policies — and yet the Danish xenophobia didn’t spare Copenhagen a mall shooting either.

    Most of the illegal gun violence in Sweden and in Denmark is a product of Central, Eastern and Southern European organized criminals’ involvement in the illegal drug and gun trades.

    “Syrian gangs” in Sweden? Here’s a clue: the Syrians in Sweden were late to the Swedish gang crime scene and still aren’t major contenders in that scene. The Scandinavian biker gangs, the Balkan gangs, the Iraqi gangs, Eastern European gangs, African gangs and Latino gangs are of relevance to gun violence in the country in a way that the Syrians and even the Afghans aren’t in the country.

    It’s illegal for most people over 18 to own a gun in Denmark and in Sweden.

    “Unchecked borders as in the past”? Why do I get the sense that such a comment makes little sense when it comes from a place that is a major source for gang violence problems in Canada, in Mexico and across the rest of the Americas — problems that have only gotten worse as the “war on drugs”, “war on illegal immigration/human trafficking”, and heightened xenophobia become the popular order of the day, all while the NRA and its fanboys wage their war against gun controls.

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