Tongoy Road Sign Chile
Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

Vehicle Registration Codes By Country: Interactive Chart and Answers.

How many vehicle registration codes did you guess correctly?

While traveling, you might have noticed a white oval sticker adhered to the back of a vehicle with one black letter, two black letters, or even three black letters — especially when renting a car — which are the vehicle registration codes by country and are also usually found on the license plate itself…

Vehicle Registration Codes By Country: Interactive Chart and Answers.

Iceland road highway car
Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

…but do you know to what country each letter — or set of letters — corresponds?

The country in which the vehicle registration plate of a motor vehicle was issued is indicated by an official international license plate country code, which is formerly known as an International Registration Letter or International Circulation Mark that is displayed in big bold black block uppercase letters on a small white oval plate or sticker — which typically has a black oval border — near the number license plate on the rear of a motor vehicle.

When the distinguishing sign is incorporated into the registration license plate, it must also appear on the front registration license plate of the motor vehicle; and it may be supplemented with the flag or emblem of the national state — or the emblem of the regional economic integration organization to which the country belongs.

The distinguishing sign should be displayed on the far left or far right of the registration license plate. When a symbol, flag, or emblem is also displayed, the distinguishing sign is typically placed on the far left of the plate.

This interactive chart contains the answers from the past four articles:

A Austria1911Europe
AFG Afghanistan1971Asia
AL Albania1934Europe
AND Andorra1957Europe
AM Armenia1992Asia
AUS Australia1954Oceania
AZ Azerbaijan1993Asia
B Belgium1910Europe
BD Bangladesh1978Asia
BDS Barbados1956North America
BF Burkina Faso1990Africa
BG Bulgaria1910Europe
BH Belize1938North America
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina1992Europe
BOL Bolivia1967South America
BR Brazil1930
BRN Bahrain1954
BRU Brunei1956
BS Bahamas1950
BUR Myanmar1956Asia
BVI British Virgin Islands1910North America
BW Botswana2003Africa
BY Belarus1992 (2004)Europe
CU Cuba1930
CAM Cameroon1952Africa
CDNCanada1956North America
CGODemocratic Republic of the Congo1997Africa
CIIvory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)1961Africa
CL Sri Lanka1961Asia
CO Colombia1952
CR Costa Rica1956
CY Cyprus1932
CZ Czech Republic1993Europe
D Germany1910
DK Denmark1914
DOM Dominican Republic1952
DY Benin1910Africa
DZ Algeria1962Africa
E Spain1910
EAK Kenya1938
EAT Tanzania1938Africa
EAU Uganda1938
EAZ Zanzibar1964
EC Ecuador1962South America
ER Eritrea1993Africa
ES El Salvador1978
EST Estonia1993Europe
ET Egypt1927
ETH Ethiopia1964Africa
F France1910
FIN Finland1993Europe
FJI Fiji1971
FL Liechtenstein1923
FO Faroe Islands1996
G Gabon1974Africa
GBA Alderney1924GB 1923-1924
GBG Guernsey1924GB 1914-1924
GBJ Jersey1924GB 1914-1924
GBM Isle of Man1932
GBZ Gibraltar1924GB 1911-1924
GCA Guatemala1956G
GE Georgia1992SU
GH Ghana1959WAC − 1957
GR Greece1913
GUY Guyana1972BRG
H Hungary1910
HKJ Jordan1966JOR
HN Honduras
HR Croatia1992SHS 1919–29
I Italy1910
IL Israel1952
IND India1947BI
IR Iran1936PR
IRL Ireland1992GB − 1910-24
IRQ Iraq1930
IS Iceland1936
J Japan1964
JA Jamaica1932
K Cambodia1956
KG Kyrgyzstan1992SU − 1991
KSA Saudi Arabia1973SA
KWT Kuwait1954
KZ Kazakhstan1992Asia
L Luxembourg1911
LAO Laos1959Asia
LAR Libya1972Africa
LB Liberia1967Africa
LS Lesotho1967Africa
LT Lithuania1992Europe
LV Latvia1992Europe
M Malta1966Europe
MA Morocco1924
MAL Malaysia1967Asia
MC Monaco1910
MD Moldova1992Europe
MEX Mexico1952
MNE Montenegro2006Europe
MGL Mongolia2002
MOC Mozambique1975Africa
MS Mauritius1938
MV Maldives1965
MW Malawi1965Africa
N Norway1922
NAM Namibia1990Africa
NAU Nauru1968
NEP Nepal1970
NIC Nicaragua1952
NL Netherlands1910
NMK North Macedonia2019Europe
NZ New Zealand1958
OM Oman
P Portugal1910
PA Panama1952
PE Peru1937
PK Pakistan1947
PL Poland1921
PNG Papua New Guinea1978
PY Paraguay1952
Q Qatar1972
RA Argentina1927
RC Republic of China (Taiwan)1932
RCA Central African Republic1962
RCB Republic of the Congo1962
RCH Chile1930
RG Guinea1972
RH Haiti1952
RI Indonesia1955
RIM Mauritania1964
RKSFlag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo2010Europe
RL Lebanon1952
RM Madagascar1962
RMM Mali1962Africa
RN Niger1977Africa
RO Romania1981Europe
ROK South Korea1971
RP Philippines1975
RSM San Marino1932
RU Burundi1962?
RUS Russia1992
RWA Rwanda1964Africa
S Sweden1911
SD Eswatini1935
SGP Singapore1952
SK Slovakia1993Europe
SLO Slovenia1992Europe
SME Suriname1936
SN Senegal1962
SO Somalia1974SP
SRB Serbia2006Europe
SUD Sudan1963
SY Seychelles1938
SYR Syria1952
T Thailand1955SM
TCH Chad1973
TG Togo1973RT
TJ Tajikistan1992SU − 1991
TM Turkmenistan1992SU − 1991
TN Tunisia1957F − 1956
TO Tonga1995
TR Turkey1923
TT Trinidad and Tobago1964
UA Ukraine1992SU
UAE United Arab Emirates1971
UK United Kingdom2021Europe
USA United States1952North America
UY Uruguay2012South America
UZ Uzbekistan1992Asia
V Vatican City1931
VN Vietnam1953
WAG Gambia1932
WAL Sierra Leone1937
WAN Nigeria1937
WD Dominica1954
WG Grenada1932
WL Saint Lucia1932
WS Samoa1962
WV Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1932
YAR Yemen1960
YV Venezuela1955
Z Zambia1964Africa
ZA South Africa1936
ZW Zimbabwe1980Africa

Final Boarding Call

Photograph ©2006 by Brian Cohen.

This article is not meant to be an exhaustive list of vehicle registration codes by country — especially as some countries and territories have unofficially adopted their own codes — but this series of articles highlights at least 183 of them, including:

All photographs ©2006, ©2018, and 2019 by Brian Cohen.

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