Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

View of Suburb From the Air. Sunday Morning Photograph.

Can you guess where the subject of the photograph is located?

Before the view of suburb from the air in the featured photograph for this article is revealed, I thought you might want to see if you can first guess the location.

View of Suburb From the Air. Sunday Morning Photograph.

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

The photograph shown above is of the view facing northwest of a suburb of a major city that was taken from an airplane minutes after taking off

Have you guessed yet? If not and you still want to try, do not read on just yet until you are ready.

Here is the answer…

…the location is actually the city of Kennesaw, which is a suburb that is approximately 21 miles northwest of Atlanta:

  • The major highway on the right side of the photograph is Interstate 75.
  • The highway to the right of Interstate 75 is Interstate 575.
  • The highway on the left side of the photograph is United States Highway 41, which at this point is also known as Cobb Parkway because Kennesaw is located in Cobb County in Georgia.
  • The oval between Interstate 75 and Interstate 575 is Town Center at Cobb, which is a shopping mall.
  • The landing strip in the center of the photograph is that of Cobb County International Airport.
  • The road which goes across the photograph in the foreground is Ernest W. Barrett Parkway.
  • Part of Lake Acworth appears in the upper left corner of the photograph.
  • Between Lake Acworth and Cobb County International Airport is the downtown area of the city of Kennesaw.
  • Midway up Interstate 75 on both sides is the campus of Kennesaw State University.

This interactive map is provided for your convenience in case you want to refer to it or compare it to the photograph.

Final Boarding Call

Views of the ground below — especially just after taking off and prior to landing — are one of the reasons why I prefer a seat next to the window aboard an airplane. I can usually tell where I am just by looking down from the airplane — regardless of orientation.

The purpose of the weekly series of Sunday Morning Photograph articles is to feature photographs from my travels around the world which you can view while enjoying your morning coffee.

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Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

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