a screenshot of a web page
Source: Speakman.

What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 224

Just going with the flow.

For this edition of this popular game, can you guess what you believe is wrong — or, at least, seemingly quite bizarre — with this screen shot part 224?

In this article of the review of my recent stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel property, the Anystream shower head in the bathroom of my room was manufactured by Speakman. It was retrospective in style and had a few adjustable settings with a good flow of water — but I researched it at the official Internet web site of Speakman and immediately found something wrong.

What Is Wrong With This Photograph? Part 224

a screenshot of a web page
Source: Speakman.

Please submit your answers in the Comments section below — and I enjoy reading creative answers.

Thank you in advance. As always, I cannot wait to read your answer and feedback.

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Source: Speakman.

  1. What is wrong?

    1. These showerheads are still made in the United States.
    2. On the left, the folw rate is not the correct term.
    3. The Speakman S-2280-BJ Commercial Shower Head is illegal for use in California because the flow is too high. The default national maximum is 2.5 gallons per minute but California has restricted maximum flow to 2.0 gallons per minute until 2017, when it restricted it further to 1.8. Before the 1994 national restriction, showers flowed as high as 5.5 gallons per minute.

    There was an exemption where dual head or even triple (3 headed) shower fixtures were allowed so that more water could be used. However, President Biden banned that. He changed federal rules so that even if a shower head had 2 heads, the TOTAL amount of water could be 2.5 gallons per minute, now two shower head, each of which put out 2.5 for a total of 5 gallons per minute.

    It saves some water but increases the time needed to shower.

  2. What is wrong with The Gate with Brian Cohen? The answers to past photos and hotel room photo quiz are not found or easily found. What is wrong with The Gat with Brain Cohn?

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