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Who is CF Frost?

You might have seen his name on specimen American Express cards.

If you decided to learn more about the current special welcome bonus offers for new Hilton Honors American Express Card Members for Summer 2024 — which are now available with potentially lucrative incentives for travel and other opportunities to spend — you might have noticed the name CF Frost on the sample American Express cards and wondered to yourself, “Who is CF Frost?”

Who is CF Frost?

CF Frost is apparently Charles F. Frost, according to this article at the official Internet web site of The Straight Dope, which was written by Cecil Adams and published back on Friday, December 16, 1983:

Charles Frost — or Chuck, as we like to call him — is a real person. He was an account executive for the advertising firm of Ogilvy & Mather, which put together the original “Do you know me?” ads for American Express. Ogilvy and Amex thought it would be convenient to use Frost’s name on the sample ads rather than some phony moniker, which would probably turn out to be the real name of some joker in Pocatello who would sue for privacy infringement. Luckily for Chuck, the number on the credit card was not his real American Express card number. Mr. Frost later left Ogilvy & Mather to establish his own ad agency in Manhattan, but he remained on good terms with the folks at American Express. He was an honored guest at a party Amex threw to kick off the fund-raising effort for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. He was featured in a “Do you know me?” skit during this event, and while it is probable that many of the attendees did in fact know him, he has remained pretty much a mystery to the world at large. We’re happy to do our part to give him wider fame.

Final Boarding Call

I am not sure if more information is available about Charles Frost; but at least now you know why his name appears on specimen American Express cards.

Source: Hilton.

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