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Would You Pay $35,000 For Unlimited Transatlantic Business Class Travel?

L a Compagnie — an airline which offers only business class — is giving you the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited amount of flights within one year as a business class passenger between Newark, Paris and London…

Would You Pay $35,000 For Unlimited Transatlantic Business Class Travel?

…but only ten passes — each one exclusively granting its user those unlimited business class flights in a concept called L’Unlimited — will be available as of this coming Monday, July 18, 2016; and you must complete this form to receive a reminder as to when you can access the ability to acquire one of those ten passes.

If you are actually fortunate enough to procure one of those ten passes, you will be required to pay $35,000.00 to be a passenger for unlimited business class travel between Newark, Paris and London for an entire year.

In addition, you will also have at your service all year the use of a personalized conciergerie — whose responsibilities will include the booking and management of your flights.

Other Options

Assuming that space is available — keep in mind that the frequency of flights operated by La Compagnie is not as often as on many legacy airlines — the ability to be able to travel as a business class passenger whenever you want for an entire year can be quite enticing; but at $35,000.00, L’Unlimited may seem like a rather expensive option. However, that depends on what you want or need.

Book your return ticket at the last minute at what is known as Full Flex pricing — the most expensive of four pricing options for purchasing a business class ticket on flights operated by La Compagnie — the cost can be as low as $5,596.76, which includes all taxes and fees. At that airfare, you would only need seven return flights to be slightly ahead of this deal with a L’Unlimited pass.

However, if you would typically book your return ticket in advance with Promo pricing — the least expensive of four pricing options — the cost can be as low as $1,575.96, which includes all taxes and fees. You would need at least 23 return flights to be slightly ahead of this deal with a L’Unlimited pass.

Comparisons of business class airfares with other airlines have purposely been excluded from this article because the premium class experience of La Compagnie is not considered comparable to offerings by established legacy carriers.


There have been reports questioning the reliability of the operations of La Compagnie — which launched its operations two years ago in a difficult space where premium class airlines have not been successful. Examples of experiences with customer service and reliability issues have been reported by members of FlyerTalk.

If you already intended to fly often as a passenger in the business class cabin between Newark, Paris and London anyway within the coming year, $35,000.00 might — just might — actually be a bargain for you. Of course, that is assuming that your flights are not cancelled.

Otherwise, you probably should consider passing up on this offer and just book your flight reservations with La Compagnie on an as-needed basis — especially when there are occasional sales of which you can take advantage.

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