woman pajamas shower cap
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Would You Wear Pajamas and a Shower Cap To Breakfast at a Hotel? This Woman Did

When I asked whether or not bathrobes and slippers have become a new travel fashion statement in this article which I wrote 15 days ago, I did not place the same spotlight on pajamas and shower caps…

Would You Wear Pajamas and a Shower Cap To Breakfast at a Hotel? This Woman Did

woman pajamas shower cap
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

…and during the hours of breakfast at a hotel property which offers it daily free of charge to guests, I recently spotted a woman who wore pajamas and a large shower cap — perhaps to hide hair rollers — helping herself to the food and beverages which were offered.

No one else was dressed in a similar fashion that morning.


So as not to embarrass her — or anyone else, for that matter — I attempted to take the photograph at an opportune moment.

I had mixed thoughts about the sighting. Wearing pajamas and a shower cap seems to be improper attire in public; but then again, she was most likely comfortable and saved time by not having to change clothes — and no inappropriate part of her body was exposed…

…so prior to writing this article, I showed the photograph to some people to get their reactions. I did not ask any questions — rather, I simply asked them to look at the photograph.

“How can anyone do that?” asked one person who was astonished and immediately acknowledged that he would never show up at breakfast at a hotel property wearing pajamas and a shower cap.

“She is not wearing underpants,” said one woman. “You would see panty lines through those pajama bottoms if she did; and her pajama pants bottoms would not be clinging into her crack.”

Ugh — I am glad I did not have that image in my head at breakfast time…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

    1. What a racist. You based that on her skin being dark? You cannot tell from the picture what her race is. Many nationalities have darker skin and are not considered black.

    2. Daniel needs to Google as I did and see that this is not a “black thing”. It is a general trend across the racial spectrum. Now let’s see if Daniel has the gumption to eat a little crow.

  1. First off all it is wrong to take a picture of an individual without their consent, even with their back turned. You have no clue what that individual had to deal with that day maybe she had a long day and just decided to run down to grab breakfast never thinking someone would violate them and post it to a blog to ridicule them. Also she is not wearing a shower cap, it is a cap that some women of color wear to keep their hair tamed as it can take the whole day to untangle their hair otherwise. Extremely fecious blog with nefarious undertones.

  2. Marsha doesn’t know much about the law.

    You have no expectation of privacy in anything you do or say in public.
    It used to be that if you did or said something in public that you later regretted, you only had to worry about the people who saw you repeating it to others. Now that everyone carries a smartphone, you should act as if someone is taking photos and shooting video of you all the time and that the footage is going to end up all over the internet or on the front page of the newspaper.

    1. I never said it was illegal Danny boy. Just because everyone has a camera and social media and take pictures still doesn’t make it right to snap everything. Like young man who died because people were to busy snapping picture instead of the horrific accident instead of calling the police. I am sure if it was you or your loved one you wouldn’t like it. Yes I know it happens everyday and that’s life but that does not mean it is something that is be just easily accepted because that’s just the way it is.

  3. This is a cowardly post and you have invaded this lady’s privacy. Why not take the picture to her face? Next time, learn to mind your own business and face your breakfast

  4. So the young man wearing pajamas (who is actually between the woman and your camera, so you had every reason to notice him first) didn’t register to you and your friends as inappropriate, huh? Wonder why that is? Wonder if some… difference…between the two somehow made the lady more *visible* to you.

  5. It appears to be a low-cost hotel. Even if it is the Walmart of hotels, I think it is completely inappropriate to appear in public dressed that way.

    As for the photo, I take photos of people behaving badly all the time. Yesterday, I took a photo of the little guttersnipe in 1B with her feet on the bulkhead. When you step outside, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

  6. Writer: I don’t want to embarrass anyone.
    Also Writer: I’m going to take a picture of someone without their consent and then right an ENTIRE post about them filled with assumptions.

  7. I think the shower cap is drawing the attention. But it is inappropriate for the adult and the child in the picture to wear pajamas. No one should wear them outside of their rooms and homes but I see people of all races (mostly white) do it quite often. Why not take a collage of pictures then write the article? While you’re at, take a few pictures of women wearing leggings (spandex). Leggings are another disgusting piece of clothing that has been forced into acceptance because women want to be “comfortable”. Call it what is is – lazy.

  8. Do I think this is an invasion of this woman’s privacy? No, she was in a public space at the time. I do rather wonder why she was singled out from the individual who seemingly has the striped pyjama bottoms on though? Was it the “shower cap”? Or were the bottoms not so obviously night wear? When is “loungewear” acceptable and pjs not?

    I don’t think that cap is a shower cap, and in any event surely the headwear is her own business.
    Did she do anything wrong wearing pjs? Not really. Would I do it? Probably not – for form’s sake. What is the purpose of this article and why have I even responded???

  9. Two people are wearing pajamas but only person is drawing scorn and ridicule. What if the black woman with the protected hair cover is the same age as the pj’d boy? It is kinda of telling that you call it a shower cap. Omg, that makes me laugh so hard. This is “fecious” as the poster above said.

  10. Are you saying that it’s taboo for the Black person in the pic to wear pajamas to breakfast but okay for the Asian to wear pajamas to breakfast?

  11. 1) Actually, the law in this country, the United States, does give private citizens the expectation of privacy. This is not so for public persons such as actors and politicians. You should be ashamed of yourself for stealing someone’s image. It is a moral wrong.
    2) That “woman” is obviously a child. She is tall, but she is a child. Her dimensions are obviously those of a child. Non-African Americans often assume that African American children are adults, which leads to misjudgement, undue violence, and even murder very regularly.
    3) The child walking in near her – a tall boy whose image you also stole- is ALSO wearing pajama pants and a long john top. Is there some…difference between the children that made you miss this? I know…racism is blinding.
    Newsflash: I am not a parent, but I have noticed that parents do not think it odd to allow their children to leave their rooms or homes in their pajamas. Sometimes, parents have enough trouble getting themselves out the door, and these parents are paying for the breakfast at the hotel.
    4) You post is dripping with racism and misogyny. One example: The term “helping herself” suggests that the child is somehow taking something for which her parents haven’t paid.
    5) As a grown man, you could help yourself by avoiding perverted acts, such as studying young girls in the breakfast line, stealing their images, and posting them online. You could also avoid display the hateful misogynist and racist disdain which so handily demonstrates your reason for posting in the first place.

      1. I meant “well said” to Disgusted, not to the author of this article. The author should be ashamed of himself.

  12. She is black by the color of her skin. Black is the color black. People who send there children to school with a showercap on has a serious lack of social understanding.

  13. I’m going to say what a lot of people, won’t. The woman looks absolutely ridiculous because yes she came downstairs like a hot ghetto mess with her shower cap on. So she deserves all the stairs she gets because there is no class there. I would call it like it is too if I seen a white trash person come down and skanky attire too. We are all human we all look at people that do weird s*** so let’s not be a bunch of Uncle Tom’s here. Yes that woman is black obviously and mostly black women tend to wear shower caps out in public And with these days that seems like it’s becoming more of a political statement than anything. Growing up Up In the Ghetto it can actually be kind of cool and looked at as Hood and hard wearing your shower cap out in public.

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