“Mistake” Fares on Delta Air Lines in First Class — But Higher, Not Lower?

I t appears that Delta Air Lines is offering “mistake” fares for seats in the first class cabin on domestic flights within the United States — but not the type for which you need to act quickly.

FlyerTalk members have been reporting significant increases in the cost of seats in the first class cabin on domestic flights operated by Delta Air Lines within the United States.

“I just priced a DTW/LAS trip I need to make in January and it’s over $2,200 for an A fare and around $450 in coach”, posted FlyerTalk member jamesteroh.

“I was looking at a possible trip to BNA in February that was <$900 RT 2 days ago. It’s $2341 today. YOWZA!!”, exclaimed FlyerTalk member CalVol.

Offering a possible explanation for the sudden price increases for tickets in the first class cabin, FlyerTalk member rylan posted that it “Sounds more like the /WNUP fares were pulled, presumably by mistake since there is still plenty of low bucket Y inventory that would’ve made up the less expensive GAP fare basis. Its quite unlikely that all of that inventory got sold and dried up over the course of a few hours. Some flights I looked at are pulling wacky fares… for example I saw a PE07A0RA… yes a P basis?! and others are pulling YUP to book into P.”

Referring to the fact that ExpertFlyer can no longer offer any information pertaining to Delta Air Lines as of September 1, 2014, rylan asked: “Would be nice if we had EF to check if the /WNUP fares vanished.”

Assuming that these are “mistake” fares — not the type which sets frequent fliers on a buying frenzy — you may want to wait until this is all sorted out before you purchase a seat in the first class cabin on a domestic flight operated by Delta Air Lines within the United States…

…and if these airfares are indeed a “mistake”, how long do you think it will take Delta Air Lines to correct them?

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