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Wander: A New Hilton Brand?

Wonder about Wander?

As I wandered about the Internet searching for something which had to do with Hilton, I stumbled upon Wander. Is this a new Hilton brand — or perhaps a brand within a brand?

Wander: A New Hilton Brand?

The vision statement for Wander — as part of its official brand guidelines look and feel document — is as follows:

An escape for the wanderlust

Wander aims to become a Hilton signature rooftop destination, bringing the spirit of travel and wanderlust to different cities around the globe.

An engaging and recognizable bar and lounge for hotel guests and neighbours to escape to throughout the year, Wander seeks to be a dynamic space, highlighting the best of the East and West.

Wander is apparently part of the food and beverage portfolio of Hilton.

On page 10 of the aforementioned brand guidelines document is the following text…

Always distinguish Wander from surrounding text by capitalizing the “W” in Wander – with the exception of URLs. Below are some examples.

• Wander is a dynamic Hilton signature…
• To make Wander a must visit rooftop…
• www.wander.com

…but no mention of Hilton at all is found at www.wander.com, which uses a completely different logo than the one in the brand guidelines document and seems to have a completely different purpose.

Going to the Facebook URL address of Wander leads to what seems to be a personal site. The actual Universal Resource Locater of that site was purposely omitted from this article.

Key features and spaces include:

  • A collector’s room that is a semi-private space
  • The Music Den, which would be an acoustic sound room playing global but modern music with space for live entertainment
  • A modular structure or installation piece
  • An outdoor living room
  • An outdoor bar, with a possible second outdoor bar

Also, each Wander property will showcase its own particular collection of items related to its host city, to travel, to art, or unique objects that add depth and texture to the space.

Final Boarding Call

Hilton has recently agreed to acquire Graduate Hotels for $210 million in the latest endeavor of expanding the brands and offerings of the multinational lodging company. The deal is expected to close sometime during the second quarter of 2024.

I wonder about Wander and what it is exactly. Is Wander a new Hilton brand? If so, where it would fit within the portfolio of brands of Hilton?

When I find out more details about Wander, I will publish a new article…

Source: Hilton.

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